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    Previous manga issues/volumes (any)

    in the past ive found it very hard when starting to read a new manga
    to find all its volumes x-lated properly
    (still got some) and i was wandering if we can add a section
    where u can d/l previous volumes
    this way ppl that r new to manga can join, read and enjoy all the good
    mangas out there
    since we got all the new issues here all the ppl starting from "ground zero"
    cant due to having hard time finding all the old issues
    just like i had when i started to read bleach and tsubasa reservoir
    (currently im having trouble geting all the old issues of gatnz)
    i would b very greatfull and some other ppl perhaps if a "d/l old issues"
    thread would open up
    and any1 who still have old issues and can help with uploading them
    ty for any help on this matter

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    These threads have existed since the start for Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, DGM, and Naruto in their respective forums. More archive threads may be added over time. If you have issues with a download there you can post in those threads.

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    yes i have notice that what i was refering to was an orderly topics for
    the previous vol/issues just like the new scans have was wandering if
    u can create like there is a scanlation and raw manga sections if say an
    "archive" section so it will b easier to find them
    im not complaining at all its just a suggestion
    i realy appriciate all the manga ur sharing and x-lating for us

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    yea perhaps it would be much better if there was a sticky with links to all the old manga (esp vol. downloads)

    i knew of a lot of irc channels and some sites where you could directly download the manga but ill have to search it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggkfc View Post
    yea perhaps it would be much better if there was a sticky with links to all the old manga
    like that sticky? there is one for each major manga. It has all the volumes.
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    gantz isn't a main manga?

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