Holy freakin shit! That was one awesome chapter. So unexpected and so raw, a refreshing change of paste from the previous arc. I had to go back just to make sure that Kira really did get hit that badly.

So what I'm thinking now is that there can only be a few people who are even able to stand up to these new bad asses. The captain himself, Ichigo, the visored(since they still haven't shown Bankai), Kyoraku and Ukitake(same Bankai deal), the two Quincy's we already knew about and probably Isshin(since he he will be a "big" part of this arc).

Just look at how easy Kira went down, everyone but those I just mentioned should run and hide. Or I guess there might be someone to fight for the small fry too. After all this is the Sternritters, and I guess there are some other weaker Quincy's out there too.