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    Madara's susano looks like the waterfall where naruto and sasuke fought the first time. With that said the other side of the waterfall also had a giant harshirama.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1piece View Post
    Madara's susano looks like the waterfall where naruto and sasuke fought the first time. With that said the other side of the waterfall also had a giant harshirama.
    I think you are mistaken, the waterfall at the Valley of the End, has a statue of Madara himself and Hashirama.

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    Well....It's Tuesday and the Manga will be out tomorrow. Last chance to prognosticate on Chapter 590 happenings.

    Here is my guess:

    Itachi made a promise to Sasuke that This Time, he'll keep his word to Sasuke, and tell him certain things, but he wants them to deal with Kabuto first. Well Kabuto's Edo Tensei has been undone and it's time for Itachi to fulfill his promise.

    When Itachi said "I can still make it", He is without a doubt talking about fulfilling his promise to tell Sasuke what he wants to know, the only question is HOW?

    In this manga, we have seen at least 2 examples of people being able to pass on information to others even after they themselves were deceased. Yondaime and Kushina were able to assist Naruto from beyond the grave this way. Yondaime had put their chakras inside Naruto's seal and the chakras took form of Mental energy, this allowed Naruto to speak with Yondaime/Kushina, and to ask them questions, so it wasn't just like a simple tape recording.

    I believe that Itachi is going to do something similar with Sasuke. In this case, it should be even easier for him to do since Sasuke already has Itachi's Eyes, and Itachi's Chakra with the eyes, inside him. I expect that the poke Itachi is attempting is just a transfer of Mental energy from himself to Sasuke.

    Of course it's not going to proceed too smoothly. Itachi is finished with trying to influence Sasuke's path, and the Fight between Sasuke and Naruto will go on. We'll just have to sit, read, and wait patiently to find out exactly how Kishimoto Sensei weaves his wonderful tale from here on out.

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    I was hoping that Itachi could use a brief Genjutsu to tell Sasuke whatever he wants. I mean, if his Tsukuyomi allows someone to experience 3 days, and his Izanami allows someone to experience the same lecture dozens of times... any Genjutsu of Itachi's could allow Sasuke to receive a fair amount of information in seconds.

    The forehead poke could simply transfer mental energy like last time, though. If a poke could program Sasuke's eyes to awaken Itachi's Mangekyou and use an Amaterasu, then certainly it can transfer basic mental energy (similar to all the telepathic fist-bumping we're seeing Naruto's story arcs).

    I wouldn't mind if it was just a regular poke at this point, though... Sasuke seems to have found his resolve, and Itachi doesn't care to change him. I think maybe all Itachi wanted to tell Sasuke was what he already has: that one person cannot be perfect, and one must have faith in others. Also, it is wrong to live in an illusion or run away from reality by hiding behind power/jutsu. Itachi used his and Kabuto's failures as life lessons for Sasuke.

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