LOL, looks like a new game will come out soon from the 'Battle of Giants' series, this time with the subtitle 'Susa-no-o' (how do you read it ? As Susano, or Susano no ou ?).

So the ancient Giants were actually Uchiha spewing their souls outwards, crazy bunch.

Kishi you bastard, how could you steal a technique from your own brother's work ? Or was it actually a homage to it ?

Pretty awesome design. It looks like a phantom talisman user . I can see 4 hands, with blades coming from it's gloves. The hands are free, which means that Madara's Susa-no-o's specially is jutsu spewing (by doing impossible 6 handed seals (his own 2 hands and 4 from Susano). With H-face boost, be prepared for a Meteor Rain, or even Moon Fall ?