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    Naruto 589

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    a pretty good chapter, nice to see naruto again, looks like the fight has progressed a bit since we last saw him.
    seems like itachi is going for the headpoke again
    now they said madara stabilized the chakra, does that mean that once he disappears the susanoo will remain?
    also shame to see that he didnt merge with it :/

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    - lol Mountain slicing chakra monster okay.

    - hahaha at Madara's "What kind of adult would fight a child seriously"

    - Nice how they wrapped up Sasuke's reflections with his brother

    - Kimimaru still had not been caught in all that time...

    - Itachi wants to make his signature finger poke forehead move.

    - Looks like KB & Naruto have been battling that giant statue

    Epic ending scene!

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Regular Member Ahmad Jamal's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    great chapter....!!

    yeah Bee you are right "Itachi did saved the day " "and 5 kages and hundreds and thousands other shinobi too "

    oooh man the end page was great but i think Itachi's forehead tap would have been classic... Kishi probably missed a perfection moment here :s

    WOW Madara you monster you really showed them Kages you

    waiting for Naruto vs Sasuke epic battle now

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    This is the chapter that makes the last few chapters worthwhile. Loved the cross back to Naruto and pals Vs Tobi. Madara's stabilised susano'o is a Fukn beast, similar in scale and awesomeness to Naruto's bijuu tranformation.
    Itachi has confirmed his place as a legendary badass, as if there was any doubt. Sasuke will be free to clash swords with Kabuto without anyone holding him back. Though I suspect Tobi will warp to Kabuto ASAP and either capture or kill him so that Sasuke can be thrown at Naruto. I hope Sakura can find Naruto in time to give him some much needed healing.
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    Tsuchikage is so badass. Susano'o stomps it's mighty foot, and Tsuchikage stomps his tiny foot right back. I bet he could have talk-no-jutsu'd the Edo Madara, given time.

    Naruto and Sasuke were both drawn looking a little older in this chapter. I like Naruto's glare at Tobi at the end, but maybe I've just missed him so much. Let's hope we see more of him next week, and also confirmation on Kakashi/Guy's status.

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    Senior Member Lakritze's Avatar
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    Kabuto lied (again)

    Hey Guys,

    I must say that this was a great chapter. I did not believe until the end that Kishi would let Itachi release the Edo Tensei. Yet it has been done, there ought to be no way back.

    There are a few pieces of information I find very interesting. For one: Kabuto lied. He told Tobi that in order to stop Edo Tensei he would have to have him make the Dog, Horse and Tigers seals, followed by a "release" ( Yet the true Undo-Jutsu is Rat, Ox, Monkey, Tiger, Dragon, Boar ( Kabuto never lies without a reason, so it would be interesting to know what he was aiming at. And actually, it would also be interesting to know why Tobi did not test whether Kabuto was lying by using a Genjutsu-Sharingan on him. Maybe Kishi will solve that mystery.

    The other interesting thing is: Naruto/Kurama and Bee/Gyuuki are to my knowledge the first Warriors that are able to seriously hit Gedo Mazo ( I really hope the Anime will drag out the fights of Kimimaro, Chio and Naruto/Bee.

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    首はねスレイマン Saiges's Avatar
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    Battle of Dias
    Damn that was some kick ass chapter! 10/10

    Another mystery left by itachi____what is he giving Sasuke this time??

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    Senior Member Kenny Bones's Avatar
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    Trondheim, Norway, Norway
    Good chapter Thoughts:

    - So the "perfect form" of Susanoo we saw last chapter wasn't the perfect form. The one we saw here is the perfect form. And he looks like a statue of some sort.

    - Madara saying that the only one who can challenge Susanoo are the biju's. Foreshadowing right there

    - Cool how they went back to the battlefields where the remaining Edo's are

    - Break next week? Really? Didn't we just have a break? .... :(

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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    Really Really good chapter. Even the leftover Jinchuuriki are gone now, which really helps take a load off the war. However, will Kabuto stay under Genjutsu once Itachi has passed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Bones View Post
    - Break next week? Really? Didn't we just have a break? .... :(
    Not really, its been a month.
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