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    Quote Originally Posted by lazybum View Post
    great chapter...itachi's poke could mean the memories, and answers that sasuke was looking for. i can't see itachi's past remaining a mystery, and i don't think even tobi knows all the events that took place with itachi, so it has to be the poke...
    The poke is symbolic of Itachi apologizing to Sauske for not having enough time for him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Bones View Post
    What could be the reason why we didn't see edo Madara's edo tensei being released?
    You will see it but obviously it will be the last one for dramatic effect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Temperjoke View Post
    Couple of things that I'm wondering about.

    1. I wonder if Madara will actually be defeated by the Edo-Tensei's release. I mean, he was the only ET zombie to actually bust out from the coffin, his body was upgraded beyond what it was originally, so I wonder if he'll actually be stopped here.

    2. Speaking of his body being upgraded, I think Madara's memory is a little off concerning how powerful he was when he fought the First Hokage. I mean, Kabuto had boosted the ET version of Madara, so he's a lot more powerful now than he was then. If the kages paused a moment and thought about this, they might pull themselves together.
    1. All Edo Tensei summons will be released regardless of their power, Edo Madara is no exception. Plus its the only real way for the Kages to survive.

    2. Madara is just selling hot BS to try and enlarge the mythos around his exploits. The Kages will probably land some kind of final victory before Edo Madara fades away probably in the form of unshakable resolve more so than an attack.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rlinfamous View Post
    I want to finally see Naruto on Hashirama's level (without Bijuu Mode; with it, I'm pretty sure he's surpassed everyone but Edo Madara).
    Come back in 14 years hes only 16.

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    How did just one of the 3 great eye jutsus, not even the "greatest" eye jutsu, become so powerful? I can believe Madara on his own is a legendary ninja but all his rediculous asteroid summoning, mountain slicing jutsus have been Sharingan related, how hacked is this thing going to get? Im guessing the Sharingan can still do more ugh.... Id love to see the other eye jutsus get this kinda respect and power too like the Byakugan and "technically" the mother of all the eye jutsus the Rinnegan lol.

    Nice chapter either way, I really am starting to like the Tsuchikage more and more! The weakest one so far has been the Mizukage, she needs her moment to spout some preachy ninja peace speech.
    A pie in the sky?

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    SIMS for short >:] StareIntoMySharingan's Avatar
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    Not only is it heavily and clearly implied within this chapter, but it makes the most sense, if the complete form of Susano'o, meaning the actual technique known as Susano'o, is fully accessible to the Sharingan(EMS or perhaps even Mangekyou), without a need of Hashirama's power, nor the Rinnegan. It is now fully revealed why Susano'o should be such a rare ability, and what a treat to witness the technique properly wielded by the hand of Madara. It also foreshadows the power Sasuke has yet to obtain, but will when he truly reaches the pinnacle of the power hidden within the Uchiha name.

    Susano'o, is by far, one of the strongest techniques available to the Uchiha clan, which explains the tengu pics on the walls of the secret room the clan members used to meet. So much for the tengu theory, lol...
    And witness the sparkle within this world of darkness.

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    Good chapter, i just wish more actually happened. Predictions and inquiries about this chapter

    - Itachi does not intend to break his promise and will tap Sauske on the forehead either prompting a flashback or it will remain dormant for a later time.

    - Will Madara be unsummoned even though he was summoned by Muu? I have a feeling he will be but i am a little unsure

    - EMS grant susano legs and rinnegan unleashes the perfect form (madara clones' susanoos had legs and they had EMS, no other susano he have seen before has them, although this goes back a chapter or two)

    - Looks like sasuke will somehow get the rinnegan before his fight with naruto (foreshadowed by the "only bijuu can compare" line)

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    Normally when Kabuto unsummons an Edo Tensei the coffin will appear and close around the Edo. This time they are all going up in a beam of light. Maybe the seals Itachi made him perform broke the contract with the summons as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirxxx View Post
    What a Naruto chapter this was! I was certain Kishi was gonna troll us somehow, but we cut straight to the chase. Epic send-off for Itachi, and a rare moment of maturity from Sasuke, showing that he actually has some method that explains his madness.

    Good to see Madara taken out of the fight--he served his purpose. He was only here to live up to his reputation (and, thus, Hashirama's as well), be the only force that could push Team Kage to its limit, and give a critical foreshadowing of how Sasuke might even hope to survive a full-Kurato Bijuu Dama. But Madara's story ended a long time ago--He has no more place here, and it is his time to go again. This is the new generation.

    This chapter left me feeling warm and tingly inside. That's how good it was. Cannot wait to see where this goes!!!

    I'd be happy to agree, but there is one thing that troubles me: Madara was aware about Nagato (Chapter 559/560), so he had a plan to be revived all along, before his death. And he seems to know more about Tobi than most others. So there are still questions to be answered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temperjoke View Post
    Couple of things that I'm wondering about.

    1. I wonder if Madara will actually be defeated by the Edo-Tensei's release. I mean, he was the only ET zombie to actually bust out from the coffin, his body was upgraded beyond what it was originally, so I wonder if he'll actually be stopped here.
    I have the same concerns. If Edo Tensei has a weakness, it is that the revived ETs might prove stronger or more intelligent than the summoner himself. Itachi was obviously smarter than Kabuto.

    And not even Kabuto would doubt that Madara is way stronger than he is. Plus he knew, that Madara probably had the Rinnegan. And I am sure, though I can't prove it, that it is not possible to completely "erase" Madara's personality to make him a simple tool. The only reason Kabuto could still feel save was that he was able to release every ET at any time he wants. I don't think Kabuto would have risked his only backup-plan that prevents his Zombies to turn on their summoner. That's why I am quite sure Madara is a goner and someone else, probably Tobi, will have to reveal about Madara first thinking that Nagato revived him.

    By the way: Nagato was born long after Madara died. How does he know about him? I guess the true time of death of Madara is still a mystery.

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    Edo Tensei's weakness is sealing jutsu, hence why Kabuto didn't want to fight a Rinnegan user. If the Uzumaki clan still exists, this war would be cake due to their superior jutsu, they were just as feared as the Uchiha if not more.

    I've read 2 translated versions and one of them shows that Madara says the only destructive power that would match his perfect Susano are the tailed beasts. The other version shows Madara says not even the tail beasts can compare to his perfect Susano, and now I'm confused.

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    I still don't get it, why Tobi's jinchirikuu's vanished away with the other ones.. the first time that Tobi saw Kabuto making the Edo Tensei seal was with Torune / Fuu.

    - Right after that, Kabuto went to his cave and started to play with his Edo Bodies.. did I missed something??

    - Itachi told Kabuto that Nagato sensed his location with his Rinnegan, and not him.. this means that Edo Madara also knows or probably sensed the location of Kabuto. Why did he waited so long, for making contact with Kabuto??

    - and Sasuke's perfect susanoo, will be so triple DESTRUCTIVE!! Susanoo isn't only the ulimate defense, but with Sasuke's version: Amatarasu SWORD.. his offensive powers are simple that deadly, crazy! We saw that Edo Madara had two swords: does this " poking sasuke's forehead " means that he will get Totsuka Sword + MIRROR, from Itachi??

    * Ametarasu Sword
    * Totsuka Sword
    * MIRROR

    and about Madara: his ego is big and wanted to humilaite the 5 Kages.. but he waited to be ressurected for such a long time. It was even HIS PLAN to be revived later in the future. The question is; WHY IS MADARA IS CONFIDENT?
    Edo Madara didn't bothered even 1 second, for talking with Tobi.. there's something strange to all this. Edo Madara will probably not vanish right away like the others.
    ... You're Dead 2 Me Now ...

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    Madara wanted to be revived, but not as an Edo... I bet that when he notices himself fading, he'll say something like, "Looks like you guys lucked out for now, we'll finish this later."

    And Tobi's Jinchuuriki were all revived by Kabuto, and this was shown at the start of the war... some time during the war Tobi took them and made them into his new Paths, but they were already Edo Jinchuuriki. It makes sense that they'd fade when Kabuto's Edo Tensei was defeated.

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