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    How much longer can One Piece go on?

    Ok I saw someone in the Bleach forums saying the creators are really milking the plot so I wanna hear what other fans think of how much longer is the series. I personally think they can really still double this series considering only one Shichibukai has been taken down and there are currently five other known members and Blackbeard trying to take a spot. Also none of the Four Emperors have been taken down actually two haven't even been revealed. And all three of the Admirals are still live and kicking and the Fleet Admiral too. So I think if this series stays popular they could seriously bring this series to 1000 chapters.

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    I hope the series goes as long as Hijame No Ippo (Over 700 chapters). I see many more chapters till the finale. If I'm correct this is one of the top mangas in Japan so I'm sure its life basically just started.

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    First off, there's only ONE creator, Oda-sensei. And by milking the plot, I think they mean he's writing incredible story arcs, filled with amazing character development, hilarious situational comedy, and incredible fight scenes.

    Now about how long the series will last...

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    oh my gawd. i mean, i really love once piece and all, but the thought of still reading one piece into possibly my 30s is... oh my gawd. im excited ^-^.

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    It was stated by Oda (creator of One Piece) somewhere that he intends to have 1000 chapters in One Piece. It was his goal from the beginnin to have a grand adventure, thus at this point One Piece is currently about half way through.

    Why would anyone want it to end yet anyway? it's friggin sweet, the new arc is becoming really fun, I had doubts at first, but now im really enjoying it

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    Actually, at first Oda planned on doing One Piece for only 5 years... then it turned into 10... and so on.

    Quote Originally Posted by K-oz View Post
    the new arc is becoming really fun, I had doubts at first, but now im really enjoying it
    Same here... I was kinda disappointed with Thriller Bark when the arc began, but Oda pulled a 180 with it. It's really pickign up steam, and the story is so light-hearted & fun... exactly what we need after the overly dramatic Enies Lobby.

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    I can easily see it going on up to or maybe even beyond a thousand chapters.

    They need to get out of Thriller Bark, through Merman Island, eventually get to Elbaf (for Usopp's dream), find All Blue (for Sanji's dream), meet up with Shank's crew at a certain point (which is why Luffy has his hat), meet up with Dragon (Dragon was talking about the time for meeting to be soon), Zoro has to beat Mihawk, Robin's gotta find the Rio Poneglyph at Raftel where One Piece is...

    Yeah, a lot of stuff needs to be done. It could easily stretch to 1000 chapters.

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    Many, many, many years to come, hopefully.

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    don't forget the fight betwen zoro and the hawk's eyes
    (sorry if misspled)
    what's good is good :smile

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    we shouldn't forget to crush the leaders of the world gov. (these bad bad guys which are trying to control the whole world by themselves) as world gov I don't mean Vivi's Dad and the other kings as the culprits I mean kami-sama.

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