I have been thinking about this for a bit but I wanted to explore the differences between healing jutsu's that are Yin and Yang related. As I mentioned in the title there is difference in what precisely they do or how they are classified but lets explore them a bit.

Yin (Medical) Jutsu:

We know Yin uses mental energy which explains why medical ninjas are typically people of higher intelligence with superior chakra control. Medical ninjutsu as we know it uses chakra to stimulate cell division and growth in patients to speed their recovery from wounds.

- We have several jutsu's to look at but Kabuto's <In'yu Shōmetsu - Yin Healing Wound Destruction > comes to mind. Its the jutsu he uses to anticipate where an attack will land then apply medical healing there beforehand and reduce damage to a minimum. I should point out that Tsuande borrowed this jutsu principle to increase Rock Lee's chance of survival to 50%.

- Another example is the <Shōsen Jutsu - Mystical palm technique> which we see most skilled medical ninjas use to heal injuries.

Yang (Life Restoration) jutsu:

These jutsu are not medical ninjutsu but use Yang style life force energy to allow the user to restore life to something recently deceased or near death. However the drawback is it can shorten the user life span and even kill them.

- After reading that line the first thing that may come to mind is Chiyo's <Kishō Tensei - One's Own Life Reincarnation> used to bring Gaara back to life.

- Nagato's <Gedō: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu - Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique> used to restore the life of the Leaf villager's who died is another example.

I suspect Naruto with his Kyuubi power can utilize his own Life restoration jutsu without dying since he has such an overabundance of life force energy which has been hinted at earlier.

Thus we can also conclude someone who has both powers such as a Rinnegan user can both Restore and Heal someone

In any event feel free to discuss!