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    Bleach Episode 154

    New episode is up via bittorent

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    Bleach Anime Episode 154 has been translated in English by Dattebayo and is entitled "Rukia and Kaien, the Sorrowful Reunion".

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    thank you so much, i've been waiting for the episode

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    I didn't even think they were going to do one this week considering Christmas was Monday/Tuesday. Thanks for the post, beginning my download now .

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    thank you zangetsu...regular as always

    i loved how they remixed the music in the beginning(we heard it before during ishida vs thunderwitch)

    playing with my rukia-chan's heart...ano yaroo
    her rage was cute,and superbly done...*applause bleach animators*

    next ep's preview is awsome too...bleach is definitely doing well
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