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    Beck and Scanlation Tuturials


    First of all I want to thank everyone that has worked hard on every past scanlation we all have enjoyed ever so much lol. Well getting to the main point, I wondered if it's possible for you to scanlate Beck. Maybe not now but in the (near) future? I already am 99% percent sure your answer will be no since your so busy and you will be very busy unless you get some help. Also the chapters are really long and are pretty hard to clean, but don't mind me for at least trying . Well since I considered your answer could be no, I also wanted to ask if you ever going to do a tuturial on HQ scanlating. I'm guessing your also going to say no to this one since your so busy. But I really like to contribute to manga society and make scanlations myself. Beck has as far as I know 2 groups scanlating it. They both are very busy and even if they have free time, scanlating Beck really takes a hell of a lot time. I wanna provide some speed scans for the diehardfans, as myself, who are anctiously waiting to know what happens in the next chapters. But I also wanna be able to make HQ scans. Of course I won't scanlate Beck on my own but I can contribute to the groups scanning it right now.

    Al the best yourselfs


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    Sorry, but as you expected blud is extremely busy and we don't have any plans to pick up a new manga anytime soon.

    If you are looking for a guide, blud already said he would be working on one and posting it in here when he is done with it.

    Thread closed.
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