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    Quote Originally Posted by [CiTo] View Post
    Anything new sells. If the 360 were to rehash in a smaller version it'd sell like hotter cakes lol.

    Least used? Oh believe me I know this for a fact. I bought one and returned it the next day lol. But I'm talking sales. Remember? Companies measure their success in sales and Wii is definitely succesful.

    *places a 360 remote in your palm* you'll thank me later lol, if you pit a Ferrari vs a Honda that'd be like pitting a super nintendo against a 360. Completely unfair. If you'd pit an expensive car against a cheaper but better car (360), then you'd have yourself a comparison.
    I don't know where you got that comparison, but SNES viciously rapes the 360 anyday. No 360 game will ever come close to TLoZ:ALTTP, Super Mario World, or Super Metroid. Edit: or FFII and III, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Street Fighter II, Starfox, Sim City, or Mega Man X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asce View Post
    Now that I'm done moving over all your off topic threads, I figure I'll jump in on this discussion. Before I start, I'd like to mention that I have all three next gen consoles. I got the PS3 on release day (or close to it), the Wii shortly after, and finally, one of the newer gen 360's after that.

    The 360's biggest selling point is xbox live. This is undeniable. As is the fact that the xbox live is the best streamlined online multiplayer "platform" if you will, out of any of the next gen consoles. Having the 360 without xbox live would be like driving a car without breaks. It's possible but it's not really an option.

    I fail to see how your ignorance reflects on the PS3's failure...While you may not know much about PS3 titles, plenty of people do...? Using yourself as an example doesn't really prove your point but really just undermine your credibility as you claim to be well informed.

    What you're doing here is undeniably minimizing the impact of a negative. Having to change discs is a negative, that's a fact. It might not be a huge negative to you, to some it might be (maybe they're really fat?). However, some stats for you I suppose...

    This comes from GameInformer Magazine...which I apparently get.

    The Xbox 360 has a 54.2% console failure rate, the PS3 has a 10.6% console failure rate.
    41.2% of Xbox 360 owners suffered a second hardware failure after the original repair, 14.7% for the Ps3.
    Of the percentage of owners with failed xbox 360's, 36.4% have bought more than one compared to 13.4% for the PS3.

    This means of the 360's sold, ~15% of them were bought by people who bought another one because their previous one had broke. Numbers can be deceptive, this is in comparison to the ~1.4% of the PS3 sales.

    Gotta be honest...I'm not entirely sure why you're knocking the blu-ray so much...I mean, it's a kickass feature. It seems to be one of those instances where you dismiss it's qualities since you don't have it or since it benefits your argument. Facts are facts, the bluray disc drive is a thing the PS3 over the 360.

    Actually, as stated by some other posters, people rebuy it because it'd be stupid not to. This applies to just about every console. Chances are, if you have a console, you have games (although the 360 and PS3 make excellent space heaters). Thus, if your 360 breaks and you have say 15 are you gonna do with them? Build a fort? I mean, as fucking awesome as that idea is, obviously, you're going to buy a replacement system so you can continue playing. This isn't really a 360 exclusive feature as much as human nature.

    Furthermore, MS didn't really make the 360 more affordable, they just made it seem that way with some pretty ingenious marketing. Props to them. The majority of consumers for consoles are parents buying it for their kids. Now the 360 presented itself as a cheaper console, but the hidden costs were...well...hidden. Chances are, the parents buying these consoles for their kids were not 100% informed of the additional costs such as xbox live, a yearly cost which most definitely piles up to make it a more expensive console than the PS3 to sustain. However, given that the human psyche is quite stupid, having these costs spread out over a course of time make them seem less expensive although the money spent overall is the same.

    As most people pointed out, PS3 game developing requires time. As Cito pointed out, the PS3 seems to be excessively hi-tech. This merely means that game developers need time to catch up to the technology of the PS3. I'm fairly sure that FFXIII is going to be among the first games that fully utilize the power of the PS3, and as such, the developers will catch up. "Why is the 360 selling well despite it's inferior specs?" you ask? Well...because of it's inferior specs, there isn't a learning curve for developers.

    Uh...ok...This explains why the dreamcast and ngage did so well...

    See, it's interesting. Here you say the Wii is successful, but I hope we'll agree that the Wii is definitely not a better console than either the PS3 or the xbox 360.

    It was actually a well constructed metaphor since you keep measuring success based off sales. Basically what you're saying is anything that sells more is better than something which sells less. Based off this argument, the Honda Accord is a better car than the Ferrari F430.

    Now then, my spin~
    Cito, you keep defining the better console as the console with the most sales but I think a better definition of better console would be in the games that the console has on its platform. With this, it becomes a much more fluid system of ranking than a set in stone "A is better than B."

    With this, it is undeniable that the 360 has the stronger gaming library and that the PS3 suffers because of its lack of exclusive titles. So really, you shouldn't be discussing which console is better because that would really bring it down to the specs in which the PS3 is superior. Instead, you should be discussing which console is currently the one to have due to the games available. For example, when FFVersus13 comes out, the balance may shift over to the PS3 (just an example, god knows if the game will ever be made).
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