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    between a rock and a hard place
    o ok thanks for the info and have a happy new years

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    OMG! There's no manga this week? The agony!

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    Translation from

    The brothers’ different paths

    Page 3:

    Sasuke: Urgh!!

    Page 4:

    Sasuke: Urgh!

    Page 6:

    Sasuke: Uwah!

    Page 7:

    Sasuke: Chidori…

    Page 8:

    Sasuke: Chidori Nagashi

    Page 11:

    Itachi: You have become stronger

    Sasuke: When this is over…Itachi…I have a question for you

    Page 13:

    Sasuke: It’s just like before, the same words and crows…

    Sasuke: Using your speciality genjutsu to create imitations…

    Itachi: You have become stronger… (in the flashback at the background)

    Itachi: What do you wish to ask?

    Itachi: Even though it’s not the end you can still ask me your question.

    Sasuke: I will say this again.

    Page 15:

    Itachi: Ugwoh!

    Page 16:

    Itachi: Genjutsu…

    Sasuke: When this is over, I have a question for you

    Sasuke: That was exactly what I have said you bastard.

    Words on the left:
    Sasuke’s startling growth, it’s overwhelming!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebulk View Post
    shit man damn SASUKE CANT JUST LOSE EVEN ONCE!!!! To think even itachi got tricked by that damn genjutsu...which means the whole fight was rubbish as it was between 2 genjutsu's....which makes it really lame cause the 2 idiots probably didnt even move right from the very start...
    I totally disagree. The fight stayed true to the users of the sharingan. It was amazing, watching them use genjutsu on each other. Itachi was obviously surprised at the end, but I don't think he's dead. This fight is far from over.

    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaidenlive22 View Post
    well the fact that sasuke's use of his sharingan seems to be on par with itachi's just proves that's he's pretty much capable of taking itachi. of course with all we are aware of as of now it seems like the only way itachi can win this battle is if he uses MS.
    I agree, they seem to be well on par, but MS is a different thing altogether. The thing is...Sasuke already knows about MS even if he can't use it, I'm sure he must have developed some strategy to combat it over the last three years.
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    fight is not over

    whoever thinks that itachi is gonna die so quick and easily are fooling themselves. to tell you the truth i dont expect a battle to the death/end from this. there is going to be conversation between these two and i think the fight will be a to be continued or it wont happen ever again.

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    come on guys...itachi is the true successer of Uchiha clan...sasuke is NOTHING...

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenmoon666 View Post
    I don't really mind if they don't scanlate it this year. I just wish they would at least post a translation from the jojoscan. I would really like to know what the hell they are saying, even if there is such little dialogs.

    On the who "illusion" thing. I doubt they are just messing around with illusions. MS might still work on Sasuke, but he did beat Orochimaru's dimension/world so it's not impossible for him to turn MS if not against Itachi then at least avoid getting major fuc*ed up.
    And maybe those "fake bodies" they are using aren't illusions or shadow clones. Itachi's crows and Sasuke's snakes... might be something good enough to mess with sharingan. In that cave thing where Itachi told Sasuke were they will end their battle, it didn't look like Saskue knew that wasn't Itachi's real body.
    You also have to keep in mind that Orochimaru was already on death row. So in all honesty it still isn't all that impressive. In my opinion Itachi is not dead nor is he actually stabbed. Itachi is way too strong for that considering he wiped out the entire Uchiha clan, and defeated Orochimaru and Deidara with ease I am pretty sure that Sasuke is going to have at least a little trouble with this fight.

    Also, keep in mind more then likely they will switch again. They have been doing it too; 385 will probably have the Tobi ((Madara)) against Naruto and friends fight.

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    here's another pic i colored it

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    poor sasuke
    like itachi would fall for the trick of forcing the enemy to jump in the air(can't dodge) and stabbing him....even naruto didn't fall for that with kakashi
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