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    Wanted To Ask Few Questions...

    When did the Akatsuki first formed? In which chapter?

    What is Karin's special abilities are? One of her abilities that she can sense a charka - even from far away, right? What about others?

    That goes well for Jungo, too...

    Can you give me the list of each battle (specifically in Naruto Shippuden ONLY)... PRETTY PLEASE? For example, I know that Naruto/Itachi when Itachi first used Genjustu, right? Chiyo/Sakura against...the Puppet Master (name?) and etc... Please?

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    we have no idea when akatsuki was formed. not much information has been given in the manga about origins of akatsuki.

    if you want to find out more information then you have to read from like shippuden to the latest chapter.

    information on juugo and karin and suigetsu can be found in chapters 347-354 probably 353.

    chiyo/sakura against sasori (puppet master as you call him) is chaps 263-275.

    naruto/itachi when itachi uses genjutsu is chaps 257-260.


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    dude, stop asking all these questions. If you're really that interested, read the manga from the start to know everything, that way u won't spoil your fun. Trust me it'll be well worth your time, 5 min pace to finish each chapter, it'll take u 32 hours to catch up to 383 chapters, u can split that into a week. But i'm sure u'll read some chapters faster or slower depending on the action. I recommend u download all chapters to harddrive first then read, cause u won't have to worry bout loading times at a online reader. but if u prefer online readers, try One Manga | Your online manga reader. Read free manga online. Stop askin for spoiler questions, just my suggestion.

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