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Its not Wb's fault that people died after his death,nor could he had stopped it.You're being completely unreasonable here.Is protecting millions of people not a great thing?Is creating a new era not a great thing?Is ruling the seas not a great thing?How can you possibly say a man who did all that wasted his life?

You just think that Wb could have done even greater things,but that doesnt change the fact that he did great things and altered the world.
He wasted it because the things he could had done far outweigh anything he did, also I don't think he created a Era, I think he just renewed the era Roger started by inspiring a new generation of would-be pirates to take to the sea.

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No,he couldnt.And Wb wouldnt be able to move an army strong enough to fight the whole WG without them noticing it.

You dont even know if he had any special information or proof about the WQG's evil plans or shit like that.He only knew from his persoinal experience that the WG is corrupted but thats not something you can just tell others and make them believe it or make them revolt.
Dragon moves entire armies and convinces people to rebel against WG, Whitebeard could too, except unlike Dragon Whitebeard had one of the strongest DF's known (able to destroy entire islands), conquerors haki, plus was acknowledged and the worlds strongest man - you are correct that he may not have had 'special' information, but he most certainly knew about Buster Calls/experiments/torture and it wouldn't be a shock if he knew a bit about how the WG was formed.

(he must had known something because he knew One Piece held something WG doesn't want to get out and 'people will find it one day' - which then made Sengoku angry)