View Poll Results: Which fight/scenario are you more looking forward to see?

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  • Itachi vs Sasuke

    24 22.64%
  • Tobi vs Konoha Ninja

    24 22.64%
  • Kisame vs Suigetsu

    4 3.77%
  • Jiraiya's final message, and Pein's secret

    28 26.42%
  • They're all exciting!!!

    25 23.58%
  • None... they're all boring to me...

    1 0.94%
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    Here fishy fishy! ><ยบ> akatsoki's Avatar
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    I want to see Sasuke get pwned by Itachi

    Welcome to the Mangekyou Sharingan, Uchiha Sasuke (> OO)> / \

    I also want to see Pain's secret. I need the next chapter

    I'll kill for it lol
    (o.O) Respect the weak o.O
    (> <)O

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    Missing-nin Itachi8's Avatar
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    I want to see sasuke vs. itachi although most likely itachi will end up dead. But I think sasuke will end up a tad bit crazier, that will be interesting.
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    Preacher of Haruhiism draciel's Avatar
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    In Haruhi-sama's *worships* Grace and Guiding Light
    He's trying to make up for our lack of Jiraiya perviness, Jiraiya's message ftw
    yeah....that's right....I'm not really a pervert.......haha......

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    I'm much more interested in Tobi vs the Konoha Ninja. The second thing I'm interested in is Jiraiya's message and Pein's secret. The other events happening at the moment don't really catch my interest. =\

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    You got MS'ed z3n0cid3's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    i wanna see suigetsu vs kisame and madara fight someone

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    I want to know about Jiraiya's Secret Code...

    Makes me think about it all day.

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    Lord of the Boredom zone Pakkun's Avatar
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    im loving the manga so much they should release a volume every fri . N im looking forward to all of them especially leaf ninja vs tobi.

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