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    nah the crew will be able to with stand kuma
    wat do expect guys Zoro and his demonic spirit will fucken own
    some new nine sword technique

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    I say Zoro gets beaten in 2-3 pages and then he goes for the rest of the crew... >.> Maybe a 100% Zoro could fight.. but Zoro is almost at 0%.. fought legendary samurai AND got baten up by OZ.... so.. no way the crew can do anything at all (in my opinon)

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    My suggestion : Kuma will beat the whole crew unconscious and a second before he starts to take their heads maybe's too far awaye..maybe the mysterious "Dadan" will appear and save them.
    First of all who is dadan??

    Secondly if zoro dissappear it would be really agly or if someone come to save them and i think oda is less predictable than that...also i dont think zoro is able to defeat Kuma.

    I think that strawhats are gonna earn time battling with Kuma while Hogback and the other will do something that is going to make easier for the strawhats to escape...
    Even so that theory has a disadvatage cause Kuma can teleport himself, so the way out is going to be really complicated...


    Oda is a Genius Respect F.E.

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    I think Moria will wake up and merge with Kuma, to form Perfect Geckuma. At which point Luffy will eat a senzu bean and heal, then fearing the loss of his nakama will reach SSGear 4 and take Perfect Geckuma out with a Super Kame Gigant Jet Pistol. After that, his bounty will increase by OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!

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    Why is the title of chapter 483 is "End of the dream" ???

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    These are just guesses and there are probably holes in my theories so, also being my first post, don't kill me! xD

    hmm... isn't Blackbeard nearby? Maybe he wants to merge the two crews? Heck, he wanted Ace to join his crew. or maybe... Ace would join under the condition of saving Luffy?

    Mihawk joins the fray? unlikely, but something along the lines of paying back a favor to shanks. Which actually reminds me... Shanks and Whitebeard both didn't want a war... but if either of them were "defeated?" prisoner? (though almost absolutely not dead) wouldn't a war absolutely ensure?... so scouts come in to help recruit the strawhats knowing that they need men?... or that the Strawhats might then be seen to bear connections to Shanks... with the quote of the "new age" or whatnot...

    Awaken some other force nearby in the area?...

    God no... but.. flashback? (I swear... >.<)

    hmm... if Luffy's not really being seen at this time... Luffy jumps in at the last minute to save his crew but is somehow transported with Kuma to somewhere else? (like he surprises Kuma and tries to teleport Luffy but Luffy makes contact before?) And then once in an unknown island they are both seperated, but Luffy meets a hermit or master etc... and learns a new move?

    Have no idea why this popped into my head... but the whale appears?

    Or all the past encounters with the strawhats... Enel? "God forbids" kind of crap?

    Well, hopefully we'll see and not be disappointed... (If it's a flashback... xP)

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    i dont think that splitting up the crew would work, zoro is far too stupid to find everyone again.

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