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Wow, Bleach is back, awesome chapter.

Looks like humans have advantage, thanks to their real bodies (their shells), the body has to be first disintegrated (as you can see by skin pealing off and blood flowing out of Ori and Chad), before their souls can be absorbed (remember, the things from which human bodies are made, have souls as well).

I guess Yamamoto will die in this war, by being absorbed by the Quincy Emperor and in turn creating a beast above what HxCubexAizen was ?
Lol the thought of yamamoto being absorbed by buckbeard... what would he look like with yama-ji's beard and eyebrows hehe and wrinkled face....

jokes aside i don't think this ability would work on someone who has higher reiatsu/reishi than the user... unless buckbeard has a higher level of reiatsu than yama-ji has