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Ah. Indeed. Thanks for that refresher. So now I'm just thrown off by Itachi implying that Uchiha clansmen were just chomping at the bit to change reality if they so much as let their cornflakes get too soggy, when it's supposed to be costing them their entire eye each time.

You'd think they'd have a mindset that was less "Nuh-uhn! I'm gonna out-Itzanagi your Itzanagi cause my Itzanagi has more boobs in it!!!" while tossing their entire eyesight into a blender. Oh well...

It's that second one, cause Sasuke didn't know that he was gonna get genjutsu'd when he attacked Naruto. That was just an example of Itachi's flaw--he didn't really believe/rely on Naruto's strength (to really change/save Sasuke), so he stuffed a crow down Naruto's gullet as insurance.
Exactly, and when Itachi saw Naruto's strength later (after Itachi was revived), he fully realized how much of a mistake he had made and put his trust in Naruto. I think Itachi's discussion about Izanagi/Izanami was also to plant the seeds of Sasuke's redemption, by damaging Sasuke's belief in the infallibility of the Uchiha clan, as well as Sasuke's image of the perfection of his brother, which was created/fed by Tobi. Hopefully, this might make it easier for Naruto to get through to Sasuke.