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    also you forget Jiraiya probably trusted his sensei to raise Naruto. The 3rd was a great man after all. And I'm sure there was always a frog watching Naruto's back informing Jiraiya that his grandson was ok. Plus the fact that the kyuubi is trapped in him made Jiraiya say well he isn't in any danger. And then when Akatsuki decided to go after it Jiraiya stayed by his side and trained him.
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    Jiraiya's travels obviously were too dangerous for him to have a newborn baby with him so he couldn't possibly take care of Naruto if he wanted to. So the 3rd raised Naruto which was a good idea since the village was in a time of peace after the kyuubi attacked. The 3rd had the abilities to take care of the seal on Naruto should the problem arise.

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    well recently jiraiya has been like a dad for naruto....that's what i think

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    I believe Jiraiya tried to do the best he could. Last few years, he really helped naruto, altho it doesn't make up for the loneliness in naruto's youth, it did help him find his own path to greatness. And i'm pretty sure the third kept a good eye on naruto, making sure his needs were met, like money appearing under his pillow mysteriously.

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