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  • Pain

    13 11.61%
  • Tobi

    79 70.54%
  • Both Equally

    20 17.86%
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    Too Bad I can't edit a poll. Else I'd have added another option:

    #4.... Neither

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    I say neither.

    Kabuto-Orochimaru will be the final villain. He'll come back after all this akatsuki craziness ends... or at least when Sasuke/Itachi fight will be over. Oro-Kabuto will come back.

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    Tobi. Pain is only a subordinate of Tobi.

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    Naruto completes that jutsu and defeats Kyuubi - he surpasses Minato - and there is a cut scene of a few years after the end, when Naruto is Hokage or so.

    So the Main Villain is the same as always - Ramen high price...I say Kyuubi

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    It will be the Kyuubi that will be the Final Villain in Naruto


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    I also think Kyuubi will be the final boss. It's all about naruto vs demon fox.

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    The final battle will be Naruto vs Jiraiya when he gets resurrected.

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    naruto ending?

    if naruto does end i would rather it be more of a break lol. but seriously if the manga takes a long break right after naruto becomes hokage that would give the kishi long enough time and come up with new material and come back with naruto ball z lol. idk but i really love this manga i dont want it to end.

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    I vote neither...I thought everyone knew Orochimaru was coming back?

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    there may be the slight possibility kabuto is defeated before akatsuki cuz akatsuki retreats or delays movement again idk, but if there really is a spinoff with a change in main characters it would be weird to call it naruto haha

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