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    Naruto Naruto Shippuuden Episodes 40-41

    Dattebayo's sub of Naruto one hour special is out if you guys want to go download it. It is a Bittorent file so you must use a Bittorent program.

    dattebayo fansubs, LLC
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    booyeah. tnx greed.

    the new episode sucked

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    You serious? *sigh* what a drag.

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    Beside a few quite neat transformation parts that episode was totally lame as always. It's just a shame, Shippuuden fails again and again. Though, the only thing they are really doing is stretching things out poorly, they are just following the manga very, very slowly. The next episode however should have some solid action which hopefully will make that episode worthwhile.

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    Naruto Episodes 40 - 41: "The Nine-Tails unleashed!!" & "Top-secret mission starts"


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    this was the first episode of the shippuuden anime that i:ve watched in a while, i think the last thing i saw was the stare down at the cave. but it sucked so bad. it took them 45 minuites to get off the bridge. it was so so bad. i wish they would go back and take out all the dbzish stairing out of it and just get on with it. i was watching this episode, was a really great chapter in the manga, to see if they`ve done better since last i saw, but to my disapointment they havent.

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    of course, the stretching of this 2 episodes was as terrible as always but in my eyes, this time, the pictures and a little bit the atmosphere speaks for their own and equalizing it, so at least it is a better episode and not like the other ones in the sasori part.

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    I doubt they'll ever improve the animation quality unfortunatly because all those repeat animation and still shots are making them allot of money and easier to produce than an anime that they acctualy put some effort into.

    They didnt make 4 tails look as terrible as 3 tails though, but thats the only possitive comment i can give for this ep.

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    the 4 tails look awsome imo but the rest was awful... like pranabowjake said its just reminded me of dbz, pretty much the whole episode was naruto transforming. if they are just going to stretch it out so much i wish they'd at least make it look good, im not even going to watch shippuuden anymore, i'll just stick to bleach and the other anime i've gotten into recently

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    well, this episode wasnt that bad for my opinion... if it was like DBZ naruto would have get another power never mentioned b4 and then beat the sh.. out of oro, but the Jinchuriki power is known for a long time now.

    Well when naruto was standing there and was just watching at oro was maybe a lil too long but they put everything else in, like emotions, "reasons", and lil "past clips" (forgot how to call it) to show why things happen. And like any other episode they stick to the manga really well. If u want action u'll get some in next episode. But this whole episode was never an "action" episode to start with.The first part was about Orochimaru what he was seeking for and the 2nd part was about Naruto and why he allows Kyuubi to take over his body even if it accures alot of dmg to him, or why the kyuubi is even able to take the controll of Naruto. So at all i think its a good episode.
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