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    Just browse seinen manga then.

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    Well saying something that is good is always prone to biases. To start it off, try checking One Manga's list of Mature mangas. Then try to read Seinen too. Different manga categories can also be considered mature, that is, upon your context.

    Let's see... I think Shamo is a bit good. I don't really know, I'm reading lots of manga, too many to remember at once.

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    Yakuza Girl. It's a shounen thats more mature than most seinen.

    I Love You!

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    Vinland Saga

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    Tenjho Tenge

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    I've just finished reading Voyeur. It's about people who watches other people having sexy sexy time. It's good :B

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    Hmmm...I don't normally read Seinen but I happened to have picked up two books from the series "The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross" at the library. It's not bad, I might get out some more when I have the time. Here's a link to what it's about: :3

    Thanks to Ravona for the avatar and signature.

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    I highly recommend Dorohedoro which is becoming my favourite seinen manga.

    It's funny, thrilling, violent, unpredictable, full of good ideas, has great characters/universe...
    Gotta admit the wiki's description kinda sucks. You got to read at least 2 volumes to make your mind.

    You can find downloads at manga underground.

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    Anyone can tell me where to read Chū-Bra!! ? I watched the anime n its kinda funny so was wondering where to read it but the standard places like OM n mangafox dont have it so could anyone help?

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