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    Tsubasa Recommend me some Sci-fi ! :)

    Howdy folks,

    New here and happy to be abroad.

    I am brand spanking new to the world of manga and I am sure you get this question all the time, but I would love it if you guys could recommend me some titles to help me get started.

    First of all, allow me to express the style and genre in which I enjoy the most. I have been in love with Neon Genesis Evangelion from the very day I saw the first episode (I'm sure you can tell I am a fanatic by my user name). This eventually triggered me into buying the whole manga series which I read with great happiness. Never did it occur to me that this would create a hole inside which I can only temporarily fill with reading more graphic novels

    So I enjoy science fiction. I love how Evangelion brings philosophy into the foreground and really makes the reader think. So I might be being a little picky but I think my favorite flavor is philosophical science fiction. I enjoy complex story lines. I like having to figure them out, put the pieces together, use my imagination and possibly learn something at the end. Again, I am afraid I might be sounding a bit too picky..

    I've done a little research my self and a few titles I have came across which I will most likely enjoy are the following:

    Ghost in the Shell - love the anime, I'll probably love the manga.

    Akira - love the anime as well..

    I'll probably end up working my way through those titles. But I am hoping you folks could throw me a few recommendations. I'd greatly appreciate it!
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    there are two threads that can help in your quest for manga to read.
    just check out those links and see if you find anything interesting and welcome aboard the s.s. mangashare.


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    Gantz is a masterpiece

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    Gantz seems really cool and dramatic. Seems to meditate upon concept of death. Definitely going to give it a shot.

    One series which I stumbled upon while "questing the internets" for manga within my tastes, is "Battle Angel Alita". This story seems amazing from what I've read about it and sounds right up my ally. I think I'll be going to Borders Book Store tomorrow, purchase a mocha late, pile up a stack of manga and find the series I will settle with and complete.

    But please - give me some more recommendations!

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    Uhm... Seinen sci-fiction manga? Planetes and Moonlight Mile are the first that come on my mind. Read them if you have time, you'll enjoy them for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    Gantz is a masterpiece

    berserk is also amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    Uhm... Seinen sci-fiction manga? Planetes and Moonlight Mile are the first that come on my mind. Read them if you have time, you'll enjoy them for sure
    Agreed! Also:


    I'll put some more up but I have gone blank for some reason??!!??

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    gantz as the members mentioned
    i heard Ghost in The Shell was one of the best si-fi mangas out there...i have the first and second movie,but i am planing on reading/watching the manga/anime in chronological order...3 managas(1,2 and 1.5)+2 tv series+3movies
    anyway,i checked a few scenes of the second movie and it's absolutely awsome....highly detailed graphics and awsome OST
    Recommendations : GOTH / Kara No Kyoukai
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    Thanks again for all the recommendations.

    I am just about almost done with Battle Angel Alita and it is AWESOME. Next will be Gantz which I am actually having trouble finding at local book stores.

    I really want to check out "Eden: It's an Endless World" - sounds rather good! Anyone have a opinion about it?

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    I don't know about that one, but if your into deep-thinking type manga you should really check out Liar Game. We have some of it one the site, though I am unsure as to whether they have actually published it in english. It isn't sci-fi though, but it is definitely intellectual.

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