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    Not to mention the fact that both the J-Man and Tsunade were both so old.

    ...the child would be born a teenager to make up for lost time. =D

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    Yep, she said she'd no longer be able to turn him down. Not that it matters though COS JIRAIYA IS DEAD!!! But yes, they would've gone out, married etc.

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    It would have been cool...if they both got a little happiness. I wouldn't give a damn whether it was love or a a greater acceptance. Either way, I think that was the last of Jiraiya's power (though for some odd reason, I really really wish he lives, but I'm doubting that T_T) I read that line too, and thought that maybe there was hope of something happening between them, but as someone posted earlier...Tsunade seems to be a bit cursed when it comes to men. The only one to survive was Naruto I guess.

    And here I thought Jiraiya would actually have a chance with Tsunade, and they just go kill him...DAMN IT! I loved that Pervy ninja! T_T

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    Sry for J-man...
    Great history of him, died like a shinobi. =D

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