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    Arrow RAW Manga Sites and Requests

    Where to find raws
    - Ritual Scan Forge: Current magazine raws.
    - Winny Club at JCafe Forums: Register required.
    - MangaHelpers: You can find a lot of raws in RTS, Old RTS and General Shonen subforums.
    - Guill666 Raw Manga Blog: Often updated, you can find more raws in its forum.
    - Shiraku Scans Raw Directory: New site with the raws of latests issues of various shonen magazines.
    - Bleh raws blog: Little blog with volume raws.
    - Magazine Raw Manga blog: A bit messy, but contains tons of series.

    * Feel free to post any other raw manga site, and it will be added to the list.

    If you want to request any chapter/volume raw of any manga series here, make sure to follow these rules:
    1. Check first the sites above before requesting
    2. Ask nicely and be patient
    3. Try to add the name of the manga series in japanese characters (kana/kanjis) along with the english name
    4. Note that volume raws are easier to find than single chapter raws
    5. Have fun

    So, if you'd like to request any raw go ahead and do it, if anyone has it or knows where to get it from, he'll answer as soon as possible.
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