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    I'm looking for Inuyasha tankoubon raws for volume 47, 48, 49, 50. We'd like to scanlate it in Hungarian, that's why we need them.
    And I've been looking for them for months now and can't seem to find them, only after 51.
    So we'd really appreciate it if somebody could help us.
    Thanks is advance!!!^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by zidane21ps View Post
    Nope, volumes 5 to 13 are MQ. I had already found HQ raws for the other volumes at jC24.

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    Greetings, I'm looking for Chrome shelled regios - missing mail Vol.2 and Vol.3
    Individual chapters are also welcome.

    here're the name plates:
    鋼殻のレギオス MISSING MAIL
    鋼殻(こうかく)のレギオス MISSING MAIL

    Thanks in advance

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    hi, im looking for a manga called inugami, if anybody has it. i know this is an old series but i was really wanting to finish after they stopped having scanlation for it. they finished it in french i believe, but what im really looking for is scanlation or even just raws so i can figure out what happens. plz and thx.

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    Dear Uploader I want to request the raws for the following three series:

    1. Series: Honey x Honey Drops
    Author: MINAMI Kanan
    Length: 8 volumes

    2. Series Name: Masca
    Author: KIM Young Hee
    Length: 12 volumes

    3. Series Name: Chou yo Hana yo
    Author: YOSHIHARA Yuki
    Length: 8 volumes

    I sincerely appreciate your help. Thank You Very Much.

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    Can you share me some raws ? I just want some page

    - [Adachi Mitsuru] Katsu! vol 8 page 42
    - [Adachi Mitsuru] Katsu! vol 14 page 8
    - [Adachi Mitsuru] H2 vol 27

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    have someone the raw of zippy ziggy ?(

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    Hi, I'm searching for Yukan Club from Ichijo Yukari.
    Can anybody help me? I don't care about the language.

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    I'm looking for Air Gear vol 20 HQ please.

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