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    japanese:konjiki no gash bell
    english:zatch bell

    ch 203-320


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    I doubt those raws even exist (scanned), otherwise someone would have started scanlating that hole..

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    Ive got the raws,and im cleaning them myself (screw null)
    need a translator : D
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    Sorry but I can't fint the "Dogs" raw-manga anywhere.... :(
    Could you help me?

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    I didn't want to send it twice ^^"

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    need Jouou(Queen) v1-v12 if possible
    here is the link :

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    Fujizuka Pornographer Extraordinaire Mel_Luvz_Anime's Avatar
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    Hey I'm looking for a general manga site that I can download chinese scans from.

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    Japanese name: -Kuro no Keiyakusha- (黒の契約者)
    English name: Darker than Black

    Need raws from vol.3 till vol.7 (chapter 9 and up)

    The one who finds this will be worshiped by me

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    This site has a ton of RAWs availible!

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    I'm looking for the volume 52 of One Piece in High Quality. Could you help me?
    Thank you.
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