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    I dunno if I ever red a shoujo, I simply read when it's interesting and don't care about if it this kind or that. I wonder, if it wouldn't be called a shoujo, there would be probably more readers of them. Just because some hornstone heads say 'it's for females= only gays read it' there aren't so many. Well, my opinion is maybe like this, 'cuz I have no sexual urge to anyone or anything (don't bother telling me it's wierd)
    uh, I'm starting talking shit...
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    It just diferent angle to see things.

    A idiotic though crossed my mind today(more like insane):

    Some random guy playing Metroid 2 (i think this is the one):

    "Hehe Samus is strong as hell now =D. Let's go finish the game >D"

    Then he go and beat the final boss:

    "Yeah! Eat that Mother Brain."

    And we see samus begin to remove "his" helmet(Ending):

    "WHA----! I got to see samus face in this version! @_@" (Hoping to be some military man with badges of honor)

    We all see the blond hair fell from the helmet and discover that Samus indeed is a Woman. He release the joystick as if he was touching fire! and proced to grip his hair(as if gone isane):

    "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THERE!!!? "HE" is supoded to be a MAN!" They tricked me! It is a goddamn woman! "I" PLAYED AS A WOMAN. What to do!? what to do!?...

    "Calm down! Calm down! I can pretend i never played metroid in my life! Yeah! Yeah! that is it!... but... what about my ow mind!? I can't pretend in my ow mind! WHAT THE HELL! I am freaking Gheeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy now!"

    And the he goes off to find Metroid developers and take his revenge on then for making him a gay!

    OK! thats was random and off topic too. Sorry! =D


    About female Avatars in games you can pick the gender. It just a diferent form of thinking:

    "You" think you are representing yourself in the game.

    They think they are just creating a character to play or want to represent some characters on the game. Or even think female avatars is more enjoyable to see. (if it is a online RPG game you have to see you character for hours to no end. So having something you enjoy and like to see might be a good ideia.)

    Like in "Table RPG" soner o later the GM have to create a female NPC and play with it.

    Off topic again... -_-" Sorry!

    On topic now really.

    I started reading shoujo recently. Some i-Friend of mine told me to download Chobits and Love Hina and i like both. I also reading Hatsukoi and Genshiken(i think this one is not a shoujo) on Online Reader.

    If you like what's the problem? =D


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    This topic crossed my mind last night when I was reading Midori no Hi, or Midori Days.

    It's called a shonen series, but it's basically a love story. There's a lot of comedy, but there's a lot of comedy in shojo series, too. So far as I can tell, the only thing that makes it shonen is the fact that it focuses on a guy's life, though there are still plenty of female elements.

    I guess this is just an example that guys can like love stories, too. And there's nothing wrong with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendoki View Post
    No it's gay.

    *Drinks beer and punches a wall*

    I hate shojo manga. The storylines, drawings (Arg! Those huge,watery eyes and super sharp chins) can't be compared to shonen. *kicks door*

    But I voted "Yes. Why not? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about." because your question is "Do guys read Shojo manga?".

    Thanks Bushidodude for the sig and avatar!

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    Not really read any start to finish, but it's more I was disappointed in the quality than an aversion to the genre, one of these days I'll hunt down some quality Shojo and read them. Got to say some of the themes are pretty wonky to my eyes, Hot Gimmick for example has what I feel is an incredibly questionable portrayal of a relationship given their target audience. Make an adult Manga focused on an abusive male dominated relationship, fine, mature audience can pick what they like. Portray it as semi-normality in a Manga for younger girls = fewkin' weird.

    Read Suzuka start to finish, not really a Shojo, but thematically similiar, enjoyed it even though objectively it was total crap.

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    i read shoujo... i got 1500 shoujo tankoubouns ;p with over than 700++ series... ~o~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangaz View Post
    Im downloading a few volumes of fruits basket at the minute, thats a shoujo isnt it?

    I wouldnt be embaressed about reading it, girls read shounen manga. Ive got Nana on my to read list aswell.
    yeah its nothing to be embarrassed about (altho i'm not a guy) still i mean if its a good manga then who cares whether its shojo or not?
    btw fruits basket is really good
    Quote Originally Posted by Tyki Mikk Kyou View Post

    I hate shojo manga. The storylines, drawings (Arg! Those huge,watery eyes and super sharp chins) can't be compared to shonen. *kicks door*

    But I voted "Yes. Why not? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about." because your question is "Do guys read Shojo manga?".
    yeah shonen is really good
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    i read shoujo manga,but i won't read it in front of public(it is suicide)

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    We can hunt you down and tell you're friends (don't worry, we have ways )

    Tyki theres heaps of different shoujo's, the ones you're talking about like Kaikan phrase differ heaps from awesome ones like LovCom, Koukou debut, Ouran and Perfect girl evolution(because they feature humor obviously) but ones like Bitter Virgin, My girl and 100% are fine as well.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    man, im a guy and i read a lot of shoujo.

    the last one was Honey and Clover, a MASTERPIECE, i've cried after finish reading....

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