View Poll Results: Do guys read Shojo mangas?

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  • Just yes.

    60 18.24%
  • Just no.

    56 17.02%
  • Yes. Why not? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

    182 55.32%
  • No. It's emasculating. *Drinks beer and hammers dry wall*

    31 9.42%
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    I dunno if I ever red a shoujo, I simply read when it's interesting and don't care about if it this kind or that. I wonder, if it wouldn't be called a shoujo, there would be probably more readers of them. Just because some hornstone heads say 'it's for females= only gays read it' there aren't so many. Well, my opinion is maybe like this, 'cuz I have no sexual urge to anyone or anything (don't bother telling me it's wierd)
    uh, I'm starting talking shit...
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