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    does TRC count? if so then yes, but that alone. If people find the majority of Shounen Childish and unoriginal then I equally find the majority of Shoujo melodramatic and boring.

    Whilst some might argue that Shoujo have a better line in characterisation and emotional depth I can't see that. I have read beyond TRC and my criticisms of it are broadly the same as Emo music: self indulgent and boring whilst trying to maintain a veneer of credebility...

    but this rant could just be because I'm a bloke...

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    nothing wrong with guy reading shoujo manga
    (i read ouran host club,xxxholic,trc,honestly)

    but i don't take pride from it
    (i don't know about you guys)

    ayanami rei daisuki :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangaz View Post
    mrgrape is either a troll or an insecure quivering little boy who can't appreciate all that is cute and girly :3

    My money is on him being a troll though and failing hard at it.
    Well said, haha! Mr. Grape is an interesting person from what I've read. I will say this now, but I personally like romance and whatnot. Now, not as much as I love watching people cut up alive and brutally murdered or awesome ecchi scenes, but every now and then I like to slow down and enjoy the cute innocent love of two people. Now adding cute romance with intense ecchi scenes is ultimate .

    Just feel like adding this dancing .
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    Aside from Berserk and Naruto, all my favorite mangas are Shoujos, even before FMA / Death Note.

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    i vote for 3 option i have read some shojo like midori days chibi vampire and recently suzuka and vampire knight i know vampire knight is shojo but i not sure of the other
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    Some sj manga is really good, but a lot of them so.... abc xyz.

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    I kind of fell in Seinen.
    I have never read Shōjo, but I think it's okay. It's not like you guys are using tampons.
    And I bet some of them could be very interesting.
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    i kinda read a few of them but it hurt my head. i think its cuz the ones i read werent properly translated.

    is Midori No Hibi considered one, cuz it rocked

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    first of all there's no fault in reading shojo manga or for that matter waatching shojo anime. personally i read what i want when i want, it doesnt have to be shojo, seinen or shonen i will read it if it to my liking, by the way it not gay. I loved chobits and friut basket was good.

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    I don't read it because I don't like it, but I don't blame people who like it

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