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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgrape View Post
    yeah i can respect that.
    its just that comming from where i am.
    manga and anime is supposed to be uncool.
    but i dont give a fuck and love the story behind naruto and ONE PIECE
    ONE PIECE is truly to me a frickin masterpiece
    and the artwork in vagabond is just oh so amazing.
    its just my opinion that guys shouldnt read shoujou
    ichiro loves one piece, but i can never see him reading shoujou.
    name one male celebrity whos not GAY that reads shoujou...and then maybe i might let go
    almost every manga/anime is supposed to be uncool, only when it has good fights its considered "cool" by the people who dont watch it >_>

    I like shoujo manga, and I'm a guy, and yes sometimes shoujo manga artstyles creep me out. but really, most of the shoujo romances are better than a lot of those crap-ass shounen romance mangas. In shounen romance its always about a stupid nerd who gets hot chicks and that pretty much annoys me. (eventhough I love fanservice and ecchi a lot, the guys usually are fucking annoying in those series.) there are just a few shounen romance mangas that are good.

    Anyways, you have a stereotypical view on shoujo mangas because you thinks its all gay and glittery.

    and a guy reading shoujo doesnt make him per se girly, there are lots and lots of girls reading shounen manga, does that make em tomboys or lesbians?

    Also. any series are legit, not just naruto. Naruto is a breeding place for retards and that's all. (I do follow naruto, and it's really not that special)

    Also, if you're gonna whine about my signature banner. No it's not from a shoujo, it's from a shounen manga.
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