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    I read one or 2 lesser know ones frequently, and a chapter or 2 of others if something catches my attention. For example, the Stuff KissxSis did for it's 69th chapter caught my attention (dear god), but there is no way I'm going to be reading the series, for obvious reasons.
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    Yes! such as kaichou wa maid sama, ouran high school host club, special a, vampire knight, those are my favorite.
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    I don't read Shojo because I can't really see its appeal. I tried to read a few that some people (whose tastes are good, in my opinion) indicated me, but I found it really previsible and one dimensional, most male characters of interest being kind of boring idealizations. And I'm not really into the art of most shojos, with those absurdly big eyes.

    Maybe it's just that I'm not too much into love stories... or maybe Shojo is, from a literary point of view, bad.

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