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    182 55.32%
  • No. It's emasculating. *Drinks beer and hammers dry wall*

    31 9.42%
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    Gotwoot? The Archangel's Avatar
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    No i don't read it.

    The story plot of the stereotypical Shojo manga never seems to interest me

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    Is quisnam nihilum vincet atticus's Avatar
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    is Itazura na Kiss shojo? i didnt read the manga but the anime is in my top 5 favorite
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    yar, and what a fabulous anime it was :3

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    I read some of Ichigo 100, but I didn't finish it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Master View Post
    I read some of Ichigo 100, but I didn't finish it
    thats shounen

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    I wouldn't mind reading it. My girlfriend seems to like this genre, though I don't think she knows that there are genres, so I wouldn't mind reading one with her, but only with her. Unless there's a girl under my arm, you won't catch me with one in my hands! In that case, in that case I'd choose the no, it's emasculating (minus the beer part) because it sound's like me almost perfectly!

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    i dunno.....probably because they seem kinda childish, but if you pick up a mag you may like it. MAY.

    i think the biggest downset for shojo is that its constantly overshadowed by shonnen. i mean big manga name titles like naruto, bleach and OP have most of the fan-dom that shojoz lack.

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    The Chariot
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    Why don't you guys just try ? xDD

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    I was traumatized some time ago by a shoujo called Milk... something (thank god I blocked it from my memory). Yeah, I know it's a poor excuse, like staying away from seinen cause the first I read was Monster or 20th century boys, but a few days ago I was able to get over my trauma and read Lovely Complex till the end. Can't say I loved it, but at least I didn't think "what the fuck am I reading?" in every single page. And I'm downloading Kare Kano right now.

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    What is "Shojo Mangas"?

    ^ I know stupid question, but what is it?
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