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    i love shoujo manga . thats what i read every time i download manga!!

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    I intent to read, because I like the drawings and the majority are comics, but I don't finished, the history (sometimes are booooooring). Actually I'm reading Frubas (fruit Basket), I don't know if I will finish it, lol.
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    I don't see why it's considered unmanly to read anything romance-related. I mean, even action movies have slight romantic moments, do they not?

    And I can't see why are all categorizing romance together with shoujo. I've read many shounen-series with romance, like Love Hina, Ai Kora, Inuyasha, City Hunter, Eureka Seven etc.. And for those who don't know, their main audience consists of young boys.

    I've read many ppl saying they've read shoujo, but I don't think any ecchi-series can be considered as one. Or, is it targeted to girls to read comics about naked women, girl-harems or in the worst ecchi-case, about prostrating women as nothing more than objects to quench men's desires? I, actually, read ecchis as well. So, if they're meant to be read by young men, does it make me less of a woman to read them?

    Ecchi falls under the category of romance, and it's mainly targeted to teenager boys. So, why would it be unmanly to read other kinds of romantic manga? Or non-romantic manga of which main audience just happens to be mainly girls in their teens?

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    I think you are the first one to not just get confused here, but to go on a rant about it to instead of asking for clarification.

    When we are talking Shoujo we mean series like Skip Beat, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, etc.

    We aren't talking about a generic romance, we are talking about a Genre which in general has a different art form than shounen, seinen, or ecchi. Please look up some of the above manga in your favorite online reader for examples.

    The Shoujo genre is targeted at girls in Japan and other countries. While boys are generally targeted with Ecchi and Shounen genres.

    Not all Shoujo is romantic, but like you stated with shounen, romance often gets included.

    If you wanted to compare it with movies, Shoujo would mostly fit in the "chick flix" genre.

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    The girls become more manly lately, at the same time boys become more fragile.

    But that's just some scientific garbage. I've been really surprised few times when I discovered that the series I'm reading are actually Shojo, but does fact that manga is shojo gener change anything? The ppl that only view things like "For girls=no good" are wasting quite a bit in theire lives. Take examples in life: cooks- mostly associated with women, but suprisingly males can be greate cooks; the same with ballet (go watch "billy elliot").

    Equality... If girls can read something targeted for boys, it should be the same for boys.

    And so I can proudly say I do read shojo mangas and I still intend to do so. (Oh, and sometimes I exchange titles with girls in my class^^)

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    Sorry, my point seems to have gotten lost in all the rambling.. This just happens to be a topic which gives me headache most of times when I hear everyone referring ecchi series as shoujo, or shoujo as if it automatically equals romance. And rejecting shoujo automatically because it might contain romance.

    So, I do apologize for my quite pointless rant, and confusing some even further.

    That aside, I just began reading the most beautifully drawn shoujo manhwa I've found so far, Bride of the Water God. OMG the art~

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    The thing about shoujo that tracks us all is Twisted romance...Well some of them. (imo)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski View Post
    I've been really surprised few times when I discovered that the series I'm reading are actually Shojo
    Happens to me quite often.

    I love Shojo-Manga because they are mostly more profound than Shonen or Seinen-Manga
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    I like Fruits Basket and watched the anime when it was on. Also, back when I was a kid Sailor Moon was cool. If it's got a good storyline and interesting characters I'd read it. The fact that it's a shonen of shoujo doesn't matter to me.

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    I have a good guy, who will set at the Mall and read No Bra, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight and so on like nothing and wrong with it. And I know about 12 guys that will discuss it, at college with me setting down in public reading it.

    At the sports shop, getting ready for our snowboarding trip, and all of these 13 guys are sitting there reading No Bra (Not one of them is gay) and another group of guys walking walk up to them (about 5 guys)
    "Yo, y'all reading No Bra?!? Dude, y'all should checkout Host Club, and Spiral,"
    Like everything is normal

    See nothing wrong with guys reading it. I'm a girl and I read Echhi, Shoujo-ai (Yuri), and Seinen. Although those who know me knows.... I'm a girl that likes that is not so strange ~.~

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