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    ok, theory i have about the numbers that kinda relates to this theory:

    ok, the numbers that we see on that pic of the frog, could that be some sort of cryptic code for tsunade/ the great sage to look somewhere in his books to find out the true identity of pein? i just thought that it could be a viable theory just cus j-man did want to leave something behind for people to remember him by. plus: Naruto 382 | Read naruto chapter 382 manga online thats got to be something important. sorry to use this like my own little theory thread, i just didnt want to bring spoilers into that thread.

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    Wonder what would happen if someone actually called that number (disclaimer...mea not culpa).

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    He was trying to write "Adam West" but he died after the "E".


    Er I dunno, I suppose Tsunade or someone is supposed to know what it means. He said "I got it all!" so I bet he knows what Jiraiya did anyway..

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    Maybe there's a message in that =o!!

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    WTF with the last spoiler the heck itachi got beaten up so badly... i hope its sum genjutsu too like ironmaidenlive22 said... damn..

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    they posted the raw on manga helpers.

    Complete Raw from Manyou

    Don't use for scans


    -just copied and pasted a post there

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    heh chapter looks great ^_^ pity my jap is so rubbish
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    Uploaded watermarked RAW (Manyuu):
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    Quote Originally Posted by freezagt View Post
    yes man but ? more more
    It's an IP Address.
    Quote Originally Posted by narf View Post
    ZOMG It's the same number of the chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaidenlive22 View Post

    that could be a date. i mean remember jiraiya was supposed to be writing something of a journal entry of things he saw. so he would most likely date things as he wrote it in the journal.


    i dunno what to make of these numbers. maybe they're page numbers to make things easier to find or maybe some kind of coordinates.

    I agree has to be something to do with his book as there were many references to it close to J-mans death.

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    Naruto What's to come

    Yeah, the text reading for Jiraiya didn't seem realistic for spoiler 383.

    I'm sure Jiraiya must die, it's the honorable thing to do. The code is probably something only the Sanin can decode as Tsunade and Orochimaru were all teammates in the past they must of had a secret code so enemies wouldn't know what information they were sending each other.

    I liked a past post about the theory of Itachi and Sasuke. Throughout the anime it is suspicious the way Itachi acts and keeps on reminding Sasuke that his hate (ref: to strength) is not strong enough. It must be some kind of test he has for his brother. And if we do recall, we only see what Sasuke remembers. They never show flashback of what Itachi remembers. Itachi might be in this for the wrong reasons, but he kept his brother alive for one reason and it must be to stop the Akatsuki if not to surpass his brother.

    And I still think Tobi is Obito with Madara Uchiha manisfestation. Just like Orochimaru takes over bodies of the deceased, Madara Uchiha must of did the same thing and what's a better corpse than a Uchiha. He has the hair of Obito and if Obito was still alive he would only have his right eye sharingan which the mask of Tobi only has an opening for the right eye. The bolts in the body must of been when they were completing the Frankenstein of Obito. If Kakashi discovers this, it might totally psychological knock him out and probably couldn't face battling him.

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