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    One... Wow this is hard. I will choose Super Smash Bros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di3 View Post
    What a surprise But wich one did you like more?? (snake eater or subsistance?)
    i prefer sub's allowes more efficient tactics,and i could easily spot my enemies,even in extreme...
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    1.Metal Gear Solid 3:Subsistence(pretty soon,MGS4)

    Close to #1:
    2.Ninja Gaiden
    3.Devil May Cry
    5.MGS2:Sons of Liberty

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    There are only two games that has captured my interest far beyond just playing the game (by this I mean googling the ass out of those two games). Namely Xenogears and City of Heroes/Villains (which is actually two games, but who's counting).

    Xenogears is just a solid masterpiece in every aspect, despite the rushed second disc. No other game has had me so obsessed with it's characters and story.

    City of Heroes/Villains is just the most awesome idea for an mmorpg and I've sunk more hours into this game than what could be considered healthy by any standard over the years. So much to do and so many wonderful possibilities for creating characters one has dreamed up during one's life.

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    Ever heard of Elysium? Yeah, I'm not there.
    1. Final Fantasy VIII; above all, it is my favorite game, and probably the oldest in my collection. Plot is a bit used, but I enjoyed it; loved the characters, the vistas, the villains, and yes, I even liked the idea of drawing magic from enemies and using them to bolster my stats, and I especially liked the fact that the enemies leveled up along with you, so that they were always just a bit tougher to kill.

    2. Xenogears; love the plot, characters, and the gameplay. Hate the in-game visuals though ...

    3. Final Fantasy XII; political drama mixed with Star Wars and magic. The gameplay was a nice change of pace.

    4. Okami; it's amazing to look at. With nearly everything else going for such a realistic feel, this is a breath of fresh air; it also has a whimsical, if slightly old, plot. Oh, and you get to poop and pee on enemies ... and your poop explodes ... yeah ...

    5. Shadow of the Colossus; killing moving mountains has never been so beautiful or fun.

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    Battle Toads.

    Best game ever made.

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    Sangaz, choosing one game would be difficult. I got it down to 2 of the Legend of Zelda series; A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.

    OTT had really high replay value. I'd complete it, leave it 6 months, come back to it and start again. And it was always fun.

    But A Link to the Past is something else. You're playing it, you defeat Agahnim, think "Yeah, i beat the game," then out of nowhere they slap you with another 7 dungeons. The dungeons are the best ever. Crammed full of hostiles just how i like them. And the sidequests are the stuff of legend
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    Can't believe no one said it yet. Final Fantasy X. What an amazing game. Second place goes to Final Fantasy XII, the battle system is just brilliant. I'm in love with the battle system and gambits. FFX is still the best story to me in a Final Fantasy next to VII. FFX also has so much extras, great game overall. After FF series though, Phoenix Wright!
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    I never got along with ff10, i couldnt stand the voice acting or any of the characters especialy yuna.
    Infact i don't really like any FF after 9, they went down hill from there. Dragon quest 8 is the best game squenix have released on ps2.

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    would have too be Call of Duty 4, and Counter Strike : Source . Online FPS gaming for mah!!


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