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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn 385 Discussion / 386 Predictions

    Reborn 382: "Invitation"

    Very impressive Tsuna. Look like the secret of the Arcobaleno coming up.
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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn 385 Discussion / 386 Predictions


    Finally... Reborn is cosplaying as Tsuna , oh right, the other thing at the end as well .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbitrary View Post
    Finally, something about the Arcobaleno.
    I find Amano's waiting until now very interesting. Up until the end of the arc with Daemon Spade, we as fans only know what the Arcobaleno curse does and not how nor why it even matters. Even when Reborn reveals what the Arcobaleno curse is, which is wholly anticlimactic, the fact that Bermuda, the eighth element, and the elements of the Earth exist murks up the waters of our then current knowledge. Looking at the inscription on the cave wall, I am still quick to think that the original seven pacifiers, with which we are familiar, are the most important.

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    I am also intrigued about the truth concerning the Arcobaleno, and what exactly will be shown to Tsuna and Reborn that would somehow convince them to advocate the current stance of the Vindice. I feel that whatever we are to witness in the coming chapters will drastically change the entire course of the current fights and how the battles will be taken place. Perhaps Checkerface is involved in some way we are currently ignorant of. We can also observe and note the Arcobaleno skeletons at the end of the chapter. It appears as if they died from means indirect of human intervention, which could hint at the notion of the Pacifier itself having deadly properties. All in all I am basking in the anticipation.

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