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    i doubt kisame will die by his hands and hat Gai will eventualy finish him off

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    Kisame, i choose you. If you lose, then Kishimoto is a weirdo.

    i don't the result like Deidara or Kakuzu where the kids won against the skilled and experienced ninjas. It is not making any sense.

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    the only way i see suigetsu winning this, is if he turns into water and goes inside kisame and killing him from his insides...

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    Lol. Kisame should win this one.

    @henrikoez Naruto, the manga, wouldn't be much fun if both main characters died, now, would it? Those two have to exist for this manga to continue to have a following. We all know that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henrikoez View Post
    Kisame, i choose you. If you lose, then Kishimoto is a weirdo.

    i don't the result like Deidara or Kakuzu where the kids won against the skilled and experienced ninjas. It is not making any sense.
    well lets look at kakuzu's match. first he was fighting kakashi an experienced ninja who's definitely s class just like kakuzu, then chouji a chunnin, and then ino a chunnin and medical ninja. after he was beat up by those guys he also had to face naruto, sakura, sai, and yamato. that's seven on one. makes a lot of sense why he lost.

    deidara simply lost just cuz of his pokemon style elemental weakness. sasuke's lightening element was stronger than deidara's earth also sasuke has the sharingan which pretty much made the playing field even or rather to his advantage.


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    Pokemon style elemental weakness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kendoki View Post
    Just a random thought, but I'd think Suigetsu would be able to absorb any type of water jutsu, and would probably rehydrate him. Kisame would have to keep Suigetsu from consuming any water, and he'd win.
    What your Saying is that as long as Suigetsu has water he cannot loose...
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    Quote Originally Posted by g7_gomitat7 View Post
    oh cmon
    Juugo will get involved
    Sasuke won't be there to settle him down
    However... Juugo may be detrimental to all of them, considering his ailment.
    True if the big guy dos loose it just might turn into a battle royal
    If it does i wonder if Suigetsu would stick up for Karin hum...

    Quote Originally Posted by CrossXD View Post
    I would think that Susigetsu might have to use chakra to do complicated transformations with his body, so Kisame's sword would just eat it all up.
    Water attacks Should help Suigetsu
    Kisame's sword eats chakra
    This should really be interesting
    Conspiracy theory

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    Voted for Kisame cuz....nothing really I'm just thinking that experience wise Kisame had a hell lot more time then Suigetsu to train with Samehada and this will mostly be close combat as soon as Suigetsu absorbs his first water jutsu...

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    er..... suigetsu has alot of advantage... he can go liquid... everytime samehada slices, suigetsu juz gotta go liquid... then, kisame creates water in a empty place like the 2nd hokage n suigetsu can juz hide in the water in his liquid form ... damn.... suigetsu got advantages but kisame sure win xD cuz kisame is itachiz team mate! xD suigetsu should be gud... damn gud actually...

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    Voted for Kisame since I think he has much more experience in combat... Suigetsu seems to be fearless... but so is Kisame

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    I can't believe so many of you think that Suigetsu even has a chance. Indeed water jutsu will be useless, for both parties. It will come down to a clash of the swords, thats assuming that Kisame only knows suiton jutsu. Even if Suigetsu can match him in strength by allocating water to his arms, he can't do it for long. We have already seen that Suigetsu has low stamina and on the other end of the spectrum we have Kisame who has the most stamina in Akatsuki. Zanbato loses to Samehada hands down.

    This game's winner is.....Kisame Hoshigaki
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