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    Suigetsu Hozuki VS Kisame Hoshigaki.

    In the blue corner we have
    He wields Zabuza Momochi's zanbatō
    He's a member of Hebi
    He is very confident in his abilities
    Karin despises his liquid ass
    And we all know he loves his water

    Suigetsu Hozuki:

    A former experimental subject of Orochimaru. Suigetsu Trained to be one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and as such has a number of traits consistent with other known members. In addition to having shark-like teeth, Kisame Hoshigaki claims Suigetsu is a prodigy at the art of murder, as he has a habit of chopping off his victim's limbs before beheading them. He is also very confident in his abilities, since he has threatened Sasuke Uchiha on more than one occasion.
    he carries Zabuza Momochi's zanbatō and can wield the weapon with relative ease, but traveling longer distances with the sword strapped onto his back tires him out rather quickly. In his allegiance with Sasuke, Suigetsu hopes to acquire the sword of Kisame as well, which Karin assumes to mean that he wants to collect all of the swords of the Seven Swordsmen.

    Suigetsu is able to reduce himself to liquid form and return to bodily form at will. This ability also allows him to change his body shape, giving him the ability to increase the size of his limbs, proportionally increasing his strength, if necessary. It also makes striking him somewhat difficult; since he is made of liquid, any sufficiently powerful strike will go right through his watery form. Suigetsu carries water bottles on his outfit. Given his somewhat frequent desire to consume water, Suigetsu may require regular hydration to sustain his watery form.

    In the red corner we have

    He wields a scale-covered weapons called Samehada
    He's an Akatsuki member
    He's partnered with the ever so famous Itachi Uchiha
    with pale blue skin and sharp triangular teeth
    Non other than the "demon shark".

    Kisame Hoshigaki

    the Land of Water, seeks him out for plotting to overthrow its government and being involved in numerous assassinations. When he was still loyal to Kirigakure, he was one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, a group of ninja that wield particularly large weapons in battle. Kisame's weapon is called Samehada, a scale-covered sword that shaves off skin instead of cutting and is capable of absorbing untold amounts of chakra. Samehada only allows Kisame to wield it; if anyone else tries to pick it up, spikes protrude from its handle and it returns to Kisame's side. Like other characters who have trained to be one of the Seven Swordsmen, Kisame enjoys mutilating his opponents, as seen when he suggests cutting off Naruto Uzumaki's legs to make him easier to carry.

    Kisame has a distinctive shark-like appearance, complete with pale blue skin, small white eyes, gill-like facial structures, and sharp triangular teeth. Even his name, Kisame, means "demon shark". His shark-like qualities carry over to the type of techniques he uses in battle, as he often shapes bodies of water into the forms of sharks that proceed to attack opponents.If there is no water source where he happens to be fighting, Kisame can use Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave to create a lake's worth of water to be used for attacks. Kisame is also noted to have a particularly large reserve of chakra; even when he fights at 30% power in one instance his chakra supply is compared to that of a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox-enhanced Naruto Uzumaki.
    Conspiracy theory

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    kisame, but suigetsu liquidation skills might prove troublesome

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    this is a battle i am actually looking forward too
    i don't even care who wins
    i just want to spectate

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    Just a random thought, but I'd think Suigetsu would be able to absorb any type of water jutsu, and would probably rehydrate him. Kisame would have to keep Suigetsu from consuming any water, and he'd win.

    I'm just not sure if Karin/Juugo are going to be in the fight as well.

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    oh cmon
    Juugo will get involved
    Sasuke won't be there to settle him down
    However... Juugo may be detrimental to all of them, considering his ailment.

    I was thinking that water attacks would just help Suigetsu too.
    Kisame is mostly close range. Same with Suigetsu.
    However, Kisame's sword absorbs chakra, and Suigetsu's body may be water just held together with chakra.
    That is why I am looking forward to this battle. Suigetsu is so wierd and mysterious, as is Kisame.
    It would be like Zetsu fighting for the first time.

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    I would think that Susigetsu might have to use chakra to do complicated transformations with his body, so Kisame's sword would just eat it all up.

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    I don't think there will be winner (presume they will have their fun until Uchiha fight conclusion, and then.. I don't know=))))))))))))))))))))))
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    suigetsu...i think
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    i say kisame simply cuz he has more experience, huge ass amount of chakra, self proclaimed strongest of the 7 swordsman of the mist, and an pretty good arsenal of jutsus. but i guess we can't count suigetsu out since we haven't seen he do anything. the only really trouble suigetsu will pose to kisame is his ability to turn into water. that pretty much crosses out physical attacks and some ninjutsus. their fight is definitely gonna be interesting.


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    kisame. gia barely beat him after releasing like 7 gates and this was only at 30%

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