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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendoki View Post
    Haha. Great plot hole ThousandSunny. I completely forgot about that.
    Quote Originally Posted by anarchris View Post
    wow thousandsunny might be onto something....even oda might not of thought of that......

    i remember a while ago reading that the manga is almost half way finished at around chapter 450 ish

    meaning he will end it with about 900-1000 chapters....LONG MANGA

    see this dumbass learn to shut your mouth and look first next time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andytheass View Post
    As for the Thousand Sunny who cares it's a ship and it was already saved from being stolen and was filled with the Thriller Bark treasurey.
    Please may somebody explain to him that the "thousandsunny" in the quotes are not the ship but someone's nickname?

    Andy, learn to read and use your brain

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    LOLL Nice one~ Hahha!!!
    The Bear dude (Kuma?) must do something now!!~

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