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    i luv fruits basket! i read the manga only its the first manga i ever read
    i like kyo

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    Fruits Basket was definitely a favourite for me, I wish it didn't end until another volume or 2 ^_^

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    Fruits Basket is comedy+tragic, that's for sure and I love it ^^

    I love Kyo he's so funny

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    Fruits Basket...didn't enjoy so much after a certain point. I believe it was volume 8 or 9. I'm not sure anymore...I finished reading the whole story though. My friend and I would get into so many arguements about this manga. She was in love with Kyou and for a while he was my favorite too, but I left him for other kyou (SDK).

    Anyway, it was a manga I read to kill time. But my friend loves it and won't leave me alone about it. (Why did I introduce her to it? Why?)

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    I started reading the series, but I stopped for a bit but I'm thinking of starting off from were I left off I loooooooved Momiji :]P He's always so cute!

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    Furuba is one of my favourite manga.
    But i prefer the anime over the manga,
    even though the ending seems lacking in happiness.
    but it felt more dramatic.

    my favourite character in this manga is Honda Tohru,
    yes, the "happy go" girl
    and the one with the monkey curse, the suicidal one.

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    i wanna get a manga of Fruit Basket. Saw it on anime and love it ..

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    i just love fruit basket!!.. the ending was really great in the manga..

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    Oh, I love Fruits Basket!
    In my opinion, it is a really nice manga. Even though the drawings aren't the best, they're still good and well the story itself kind of gives you a nice message. At least, that's what I know.

    My favorite juunishi is Yuki. I've realized that there aren't many people who like them.. But I guess that's only what I've seen. Who knows? I like him best because he's really different from the rest. Well, actually everyone is different but there is this thing that caught my eye. (It still relies unknown.) My second favorite is Momiji. He's the cutest thing ever, isn't he?! :3

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    not telling ^^
    My favorite Juunishi was Yuuki, he is so cool and handsome..I also liked the love story between Machi and him^^
    so the beginning i really thought that he would be with glad he got his own girl in the end.

    Don't dream your Life live your dreams ^^

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