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    who is to die next?

    we just lost ero sennin one of the leafs greatests ninjas, i honestly believe sasuke is going to die. it will be the only thing that would push naruto far enough to activate all tails, like i knowero sennins death could but seriously sasuke is like his obsession haha

    who do u guys think is going to die next?

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    I actually agree, it would be very cool if Sasuke died, however I don't thnik that is Itachi's intention, he has something greater planned. Um, dunno really, I guess Tsunade has to die at some point so that Naruto can take the title of Hokage, it would make sense after Jiraiya and Orochimaru, the old generation handing things over to the new etc.

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    Yeaaah, Kishimoto's favorite character (Sasuke) is going to die waaaay before the end of the manga. Makes perfect sense. -_-

    Tsunade doesn't have to die for Naruto to become Hokage. The 3rd Hokage stepped down so the 4th could become Hokage.

    I've no clue who's going to die next. Kisame?

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    Itachi is gona die next, at the hands of Tobi.
    Its only now that he has approached Sasuke to let him in on some "info" but Tobi has been secretly watching him for ages.
    Tobi obviously has some plans for Sasuke but does itachi have a different path for Sasuke?
    I bet this story will come about pretty soon (maybe when Naruto is training with a new teacher) and will conclude with a face-off between Itachi and Tobi.

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    There will be no important deaths for the next 50 chapters, so anything related to tobi\itachi\sasuke\tsunade or any big role characters and dead in same paragraph isn't right.

    Unless Naruto kills Tobi right now? That would be fun. :d

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    I think Itachi or Sasuke... and don't misunderstand me!
    it's not like itachi killing sasuke or visa versa.. I think someone else will

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    sasuke will die next


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    Naruto seriously

    yeah that makes sense i guess, i guess the three MS are going to have to go at it at some point. i still think sasuke is going to die, but maybe so will itachi and tobi. thus leaving no uchihas left

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    Why are you posting a question in the theories thread? Moved it.

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    Conspiracy theory

    Finally Ekess has Come back to Mangashare
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    Finally Ekess has Come back Home.!


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