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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahziel View Post
    im hoping Jiraiya will train him:/,i dont wanna except that he just dies all of a sudden
    am with you on that, i can't accept that jiraya dies either, he just can't

    Know his name: Jiraiya Sama of the legendary Sannin
    May he rest in peace and he will be sorely missed, the strongest out of all the three

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    Yeah, maybe the frogs will help, like the one with the key
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    If it indeed it is Kushina that ends up training him, I wanna good explanation from Kishi as why she only shows up now...of all time, leaving his child alone without parents...and suddenly just pop-up to train him??!!

    I think, the scroll will be the one, of course with some guidance from Kakashi....

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    I think he should train with all of them kakashi, yamato and the toad sage hes should do kage no bushin hes going to make 2 or more clones with kakashi and yamato and then go to the toad mountain to train with the toad sage himself

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    The toad's if not hell i will.
    Conspiracy theory

    Finally Ekess has Come back to Mangashare
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