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    Fullmetal Alchemist Fairy Tail 282 Discussion / 283 Predictions

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    Natsu!!! What a boss lol
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    I have mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, I want Natsu to kick his ass for what he did last chapter. Yet on the other, I want Natsu to get his ass kick, for character development and for a more epic round two.

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    omg dafuq did I just read??
    that was unexpected, I mean it was clear someone would want to kick the masters ass in the future, but already now? Kinda cool and Natsu sure has balls, I like moments like that!

    As xioaxioa said, I have also mixed feelings about that. I definitely want him to beat the master kinda quick to show the two dragonslayers that they were a bit too cocky at the beginning (saying natsu is a disgrace of an dragonslayer and such)!

    On the other hand, someone would believe the master should be really strong and I must admit he sure looks like that. I would be unbelievable if Natsu would beat another super strong guy (like the grimoire master).
    But it would be soooo humiliating for Natsu to lose right there..........and I sure don´t want sabertooth to laugh at him again!

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    Leave it to Natsu to pull some shit like that.

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    I want Natsu to show those Sabertooth guys that they arent as big as they think!

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    I expect a curbstomp battle in Gemma's favor. Either that or someone stops Natsu. I surely don't expect it to be a drawn out battle, at the very least.

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    Nah, just wait for Natsu to enter the Fire-Lightning-Shadow-Light Dragons Slaying Mode, to kick his ass, or something .

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    Not a big fan of Natsu but that was boss. Too bad he can't win right now. I'm guessing Rouge will interfere coz he has the same sentiments as Natsu.
    He'll probably fight Natsu and lead him out of the building.

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