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Thread: Akatsuki Teams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wafflenet View Post
    Well pretty soon after they got them they would need 5 guide dogs XD

    haha to the moment that I read it gave me a laugh. but I think that they were well like they were

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronizzle50 View Post
    Akatsuki Teams:
    Itachi & Sasori (I think the puppets would match well with Itachi's style)
    Konan & Hidan (He could protect her close range while she does the damage long range)
    Deidara & Zetsu (One could attack from the sky and the other from the ground)
    Kakuzu & Orochi (Both lust for money and power, both had dealings with the 1st Hokage)
    Kisame & Tobi (They would be a funny and deadly pair)
    Pain (No need for a partner he is already rolling 6 deep)

    yes but you're forgetting one thing....

    the sheer awesomeness of the regular teams, not fightingwise, but coolness wise

    itachi and kisame, both are so badass, does it get much better?
    pain and konan, both are freaking nuts and use to be childhood friends
    deidara and sasori, both have sorta like a performance, puppets, art. They match imo.
    (plus i love sasori and deidara, too crazy)
    zetsu and ??? I dont know who he has but he is sorta like two personalities and hes cool enough for two people
    hidan and kakuzu, both pretty close to immortal
    tobi and deidara now? i think... hehe tobi pisses off deidara on numerous occasions
    sasori and oro, both are kinda weird in the head
    tobi and who now? after deidara died. whatever we all know he's gonna be awesome.

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    in the Village of hidden the sand (Sunagakure) with Gaara.
    I thinks they are paired perfectally the way they are now.

    This is Gaara. Hes a bitch; but hes my sexy bitch.

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    Wow, not the response I was expecting. I understand that most of you are fan boys and would never say or write anything that would offend Lord Kishimoto, but I am simply asking are there any matchups you would like to see? Most of you think that is perfect the way it is because it has already been written that way. If Kishi would have made different teams then you would say they were perfect too, damn it people think about what you want to see not what's already in front of you. Everybody can come up with a crap load of shitty theories but you can't even put down one dream team?

    BTW thanks Ironmaidenlive22 for having the capacity for individual thought.
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    zetsu and tobi they both have split personalities

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    yeh i love the way kishi put the teams together personality wise they are verry enetrtaining but the grouping of anyone ith pain is just overkill imo.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    I too think the teams are perfect the way they are. But I really wanna see a battle between rinnegan, sharingan, and byakugan users.

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    kwl a dojutsu battle would be epic in every sence of the word but the sharingan would be at a huge dissadvantage against multiple oponents so i would say rinnegan ftw.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    I wwould like to see Deidara and Pain. All the explosions and freeking Jutsus it would be a amazing thing to see
    btw soory an* amazing
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