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    Naruto Sasori vs Orochimaru

    After watching this latest episode it really made me question, who would of won if Sasori actually showed up to the bridge. With Orochimaru having the drop on him, would it of been enough to stop Sasori? Discuss, I want to see some people's opinions.
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    I remember that in the manga. I think.

    If Sasori was actually there, I don't think Orochimaru would have a whole lot against Sasori's 99 Puppets and one big one. =o

    That's if they went toe to toe for whatever reason.

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    if it was a suprise orochimaru he would stop his chakra flow so he couldnt use strings. being his partner he knows of his techniques.

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    The issue is if he was actually there you still have to put Kabuto into account. I doubt he'd allow Orochimaru to get damaged too bad. If we're talking about one on one, Sasori would probably have the upperhand with all the Poisoned Weapons, but if not, given Kabuto's Medical Ninjutsu and his time with Sasori, he probably already knew of a way to cure the poison.
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    that would of been one cool fight,, but i dont know who would of won they both are uber ninjas


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    Sasori barely. Simply because he let himself die and plus I dont think that as good as Kabuto is, would be able to come up with a cure for Sasori's poisons on the fly. Thats why id give Sasori the slightest of edges

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    Sasori... hand down.. poison, iron sand, 99 puppets AND himself as puppet.. no way he loses.. mostly cause any of the previous scratch them and they would be down for the count.

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    Guys think about Oru not having an actual body. I dont like how he was portrayed as so weak towards the end of his life. He was a beast and keep in mind kakashi is totally petrified of him. he was weak and jus trying to take over sasuke not actually kill him. Oru at full strength, equals jiriyia maybe at his best(minus hermit mode) and he could take itachi if he was trying to beat him. But im just gonna through it out there, what do u think would have happened with a sharigan?

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    It was Oro's fault that he became so weak. Because of that body switching jutsu he started using, he's had to switch bodies regardless of who it is every 3 years or face dying. So he shot himself in the foot from the beginning. It was only a matter of time before someone would exploit that weakness and it so happened to be Sasuke. There's no doubt in my mind that if Oro had gotten himself a sharingan, he would be the most uber ninja in the narutoverse.

    Anyway, i would hand this match to Sasori for no particular reason.

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    I would go with Sasori on this one, because I doubt since Orochimaru was partners with him that he hasn't changed his moveset one bit, meaning Orochimaru would not have that much of an advantage over Sasori.

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