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he has reached his own limits as a shinigami yes, agree that with a zanpaktou ability like he got its very hard to judge his strength.

Right... I think the key here is "his own limits". Just as some shinigami are able to perform bankai and some are not I don't see any reason why one captain could not have higher limits than another. Also, I find the introduction of the vizard funny as that is why Aizen defects in the first place. My thoughts is that they really have to stay neutral or it would become a one sided conflict either way as they have shown abilities above pretty much any others. In a bit of pure speculation, I tend to wonder if Isshin departure from the SS did not have something to to with the vizard. Recall Ukitake's shock upon first seeing Ichigo just outside the repentance tower... As I said, pure speculation with nothing to back it up but I want to see what Isshin can really do...against anyone .