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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Admit it. This is Moria's last stand. That was his last trumph card which unfortunately back-fired on him. He's done for. Vamoosh. Throw in the towel. He's had his last full show. Now bring on the bigger fish, Oda-san! Don't be like Kubo Tite who unnecessarily drags fights for too long!
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    There must be a reason that he is a shichibukai, Moria can't be that useless, I really think that Moria will do something to turn this around.
    Well the fight is going to have to end next chapter, there's already rays of light coming through at the end of the chapter. Unless Zoro like, cuts the sun in half.

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    Here's the watermarked raw:

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    Looks like Moria's dead. There is nothing to argue, he just pukked all the shadows because of that building rolling on his stomac. And it looks like Luffy used a mix between 2nd and 3rd gear.

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    Luffy did use a mix of gear 2 and gear 3...... and because of that, i would have to say he has lost. if this fight drags out for one second longer the sun will be up and the story of one piece would be over. Therefore, I believe morias done.

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