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    Seems like a pretty packed chapter, they are literally going to every fight at one time. Will probably be like 2 pages of talking for each of the battles, I doubt we will see any fighting.
    Maybe in Jiraiya's fight, but thats it.

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    bald man with goate on a turtle...sounds like master roshi from DBZ

    and if all this does happen then much at once in one chapter

    amazing, just as expected of kishimoto-dono

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    I would like to remind all of you, READ THE THREAD RULES in the Spoiler thread, we've clearly made sure they can not, not be noticed by anyone... ONLY SPOILERS no discussion, no weird pranks, just spoilers of the related chapter...

    Please continue discussing the spoilers. NO MORE DISCUSSION ON THAT PRANK PICTURE.
    Any posts ignoring my warning will be deleted...

    Thanks for understanding.

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    credits: Alterno and Kumanri

    No. 382: The End...!!

    Scene @ Tsunade

    Tsunade: ..........!!
    Shizune: What's the matter?
    Tsunade: ......
    She looks as if she wanted to say something but no words came out.
    Shizune: ?
    Tsunade:'s been a long while since things turn out the same as my bet...

    Scene where Jiraiya was stabbed by the five.
    Jiraiya: Urghh!!
    Beanhead: !!
    Beanhead was hit by Rasengan and he flew off.
    Yahiko Pain: It's futile.
    Jiraiya's back was pierced by 5 of those "seaweeds" (the black rope thingy).
    Beanhead stood up.
    Beanhead: ...
    Jiraiya: Gwaahh!! (I cannot compress the chakra fully...)
    Head: Draw it out now!
    Jiraiya: seems like it's the end for me here...
    Head: ...
    Jiraiya: Moreover, my finally over...
    Head: Jiraiya chan...
    Jiraiya: You kept me company till the end...I give my thanks...
    Yahiko: ...
    Jiraiya: ...following that...
    Jiraiya said something to Head.
    Head: I understand.
    Yahiko Pain: The conversation ends here....
    Pain was going to aim an attack at Head using the seaweed spear.
    However, Jiraiya shielded it with his back.
    Jiraiya: ....Head...!
    Head: Ahh...
    Head went off.
    Yahiko Pain: Only the information is left....
    Jiraiya: are...
    Yahiko Pain: It's the end.
    Yahiko Pain forms a handseal.
    Jiraiya: Ku....!?
    Jiraiya fell to the front.

    Jiraiya floats in a very dark space.
    In front of Jiraiya floats a boy with black hair.
    Jiraiya: are...
    Rin'negan can be seen.
    Jiraiya: are you Nagato...?
    Nagato: .....
    Rin'negan looks up.
    Jiraiya: I that's what happened.

    Pains surrounded the fallen Jiraiya.
    Yahiko Pain: ....
    Jiraiya opened his eyes.
    The eyes are Rin'negan.
    Jiraiya: Ok...let's go hunt the Kyuubi, shall we?

    credits: atemikage

    i dont know if to trust this guy, he is posting a lot of spoilers without source. anyway

    Sasuke-Itachi your time has come.

    Itachi:I hope your worth killing this time.

    Sasuke transfrom into CS2 and then stabs Itachi with Chidori.

    Sasuke:It looks like you're the one not worth killing.

    Then all the sudden the Itachi clones smiles and explodes.Sasuke looks hurt.

    Itachi:Foolish little brother! You tried that 3 years ago.What makes you think is going to work now.

    Sasuke then creates a Chidori Sword and Itachi dodges it with ease and kicks Sasuke.Sasuke then decides to attack from the air with his wings.Sasuke uses Fire Release:Grand Fireball Technique from the air and the throne and everything around it is destroyed.Itachi is nowhere to be seen.Once Sasuke goes back to the ground Itachi cuts him with a kunai in his neck.Sasuke is bleeding a lot.However the bleeding stops...

    Itachi:I see........just how did you kill Orochimaru?

    Sasuke:The same way your going to die!

    Sasuke uses Shunshin Jutsu and appear behind Itachi.Itachi then has a flashback of Shisui Uchiha.The chapter ends with Sasuke drawing his sword and Itachi looking in disbelief.

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    itachi feeling disbelief??????????O_o find it hard to believe
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    You, my friend, are in disbelief! Lol. I understand your shock, though, since Itachi's always calm and collected.

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    Nice, Tobi. It did look like Naruto went through him. I consider Naruto's cape being shaped weird also, but that's awesome.

    Also, Jiraiya dies basically? No. He can't die yet. He will, but he's gonna hallucinate first. It's funny that way!

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    NOOO. It's too good to be true. Jiraiya died with his last word "Ku..."
    If to complete his final sentence the first person came to my mind was Kushina Uzumaki. The spoiler was realistic enough I thought it was the real one lol. Oh shouldn't it be Uchiha Shisui not the other way around?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeveelX View Post
    NOOO. It's too good to be true. Jiraiya died with his last word "Ku..."
    If to complete his final sentence the first person came to my mind was Kushina Uzumaki.
    That would work except in Japan they call someone by lastname first.

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    ^^ Yeah. I was gonna edit that part. Though actually "Uzumaki" would be the last name and "Kushina" would be the first name. (Yeah we get the point lol).
    Anyway, maybe Jiraiya is calling a first name which it would make sense for Kushina's first name.

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