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    Still, if you put clay in your bloodstream, you would die, Microscopic or not. It's not a living thing, and it would still clog your arteries/veins. However Realism no jutsu is not a plot device often used in this manga. So.... yea.
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    I'm not that big a fan of Sasuke but I like how he fights. No need to cut a character as stylized as Sasuke.

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    Sasuke should have died multiple times during that fight, and I knew he wouldn't, and that's what pissed me off so much. With all of those close range and inner-bloodstream attacks, there's /no way/ he would be alive. I'm not sure how he survived the explosion (I only read the spoiler thread), but if Tobi is dead, he should be dead. Argh, I HATE THIS SERIES.

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    It should have, But the series would not be anything if Sasuke got killed of this early.

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    I still don't fully understand how Sasuke even survived. Did he summon Manda or something, because I thought he was out of chakra...

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    Normally, anyone would have died from little bits of clay entering your inner system for certain reasons, but hey, it's Sasuke. Also, it's the world of Naruto and ninjas. What do you expect?

    Edit: Kendoki, from a spoiler I read, it said that Sasuke summoned Manda with the help of Suigetsu.
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